IncrediBundles: One of the Best Gifts to Give an Expecting Mom

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Imagine never having to leave your house in a panic again because you ran out of diapers or baby wipes. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, I’ve stumbled upon an amazing subscription service called IncrediBundles. With IncrediBundles you can get the top baby essentials delivered right to your front door. This is one of the best gifts to give an expecting mom because she will never have to worry about having too little of those baby necessities.

How Incredibundles Works

Whether you or someone else purchases a subscription for you through, it all works the same way. The purchaser selects a subscription length, aka how long do you want to the subscription for? You can select 3, 6, 9, or 12 months based on your needs for your diaper bundle subscription. The best part about this subscription is that you get to decide what is delivered to your home every month! Need to switch things up? No problem!

After choosing the subscription term, you will receive an announcement package in the mail and soon to follow is your first subscription box! The announcement package comes with their reusable storage container and a super soft teddy bear for your little one. The diapers fit perfectly in the storage container, which makes organizing for a new baby so much fun! Plus, the teddy bear is an adorable touch to an already amazing package!

Sending as a gift? Once the announcement package is received, the recipient makes an account with IncrediBundles and orders the diapers of their choice. I personally was gifted an Announcement box so I got to set up a subscription this way. The website is super easy to use and they have any diaper brands and sizes to choose from. You easily change what diaper brand and size you need every month if needed. How simple is that?

What IncrediBundles Offers

The fun part about IncrediBundles is they have so many different things to offer parents to be! Honestly, it’s fun whether you get diapers as a gift or order them yourself! Here are a few different packages offered by IncrediBundles.

Diaper subscriptions
Baby wipes subscriptions
Book bundles
Bath bundles
Create a bundle: Yes, you can create your very own bundle!

Think of your favorite diapers and wipes brands and know that you can get them shipped right to your front door. Knowing that you never have to worry about diapers is a good feeling. You will go through so many diapers that first year your baby is born. It only makes sense to order from IncrediBundles without the worry of running to the store.

gifts to give an expecting momPIN IT!

Perfect for Expecting Moms

When you are wanting to start stocking up on diapers and wipes but don’t know where to start, IncrediBundles is for you! You can log onto and start looking for the perfect diaper and wipes bundle for your needs. Being able to switch out your bundles is great because you may want or need to make changes down the road.

Ideal for Baby Showers

There is no better gift you can give a newbie mom to be than a bundle from IncrediBundles. Don’t forget that while you make the purchases, they are still able to pick out what they want, which is great! You can even use the fun little announcement at their baby shower, so they know what they’ll be getting from

I would highly recommend checking out if you’re expecting or have a baby shower gift to buy. Giving a new or expectant mother the gift of not having to worry about diapers is pretty amazing!

  • Gillian Kent

    Wat a great suggestion. I had a cloth diaper service and it was wonderful. You never run out and never have to worry about getting to the store. Diapers delivered cloth or disposable would be one less thing for a new mom to worry about.

  • Samantha Vilendrer

    What a cutie! Love this idea! Our twins are due in December! This would be so awesome to win!

  • Karlie zaugg

    This is such a good idea. Best way to gift diapers to a new mom! And I love that you can change the size and brand each month if needed.

  • Myrna

    Ooh this could come in handy! 😍

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This sounds like such a great product for expecting moms. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant!

  • Laura

    I think this is a great idea! I will consider giving this out as a gift for my friends who are expecting.

  • Ruth I.

    Sounds great! I like that you get to choose your supply monthly. And it looks so easy setup and sends as a gift!

  • Rachel

    When I was pregnant with my first I really wanted to get a diaper service of some sort as a shower gift. Nobody ponied up!

  • Wendy Polisi

    I am so glad I saw this! I have a few friends who are expecting.

  • Angelina

    Great idea:) Im a new mom my daughter is 2 and an half months:)

  • Ashlee Ariel

    What a great subscription idea! I love the fact that they include something for the little one (besides the diapers and wipes of course😂) Definitely worth while for every parent!

  • Danielle

    This seems so great! I need to check this out!

  • Jenicia Beckstrand

    Genius gift idea. Would also be such a blessing to any mom!

  • Hung nguyen

    Wish I knew about this earlier when I had my baby girl. This is amazing and a wonderful gift to anyone expecting. Ig handle

  • EvelIn

    Hi! Thank you for doing a giveaway, I’d love to win it for my 5 month old! 🙂

  • Clarissa

    This is such a great idea!!