Is the 2018 Toyota RAV4 the Right Car For My Family?

Toyota RAV4PIN IT!

Continuing on our car hunt, the next vehicle in line is the 2018 Toyota RAV4. If you have missed out on my last post go here to catch up. As a refresher, here on the items on my list of must haves. I’m looking for a comfy bench 2nd row or a third row with captains chair, leather seats, and a reverse camera. Not a whole lot to ask for but definitely things I know I will need with 3 rambunctious boys.

I see many Toyota RAV4 on the road all of the time and they seem like a fairly popular SUV for families. I’ve never been a huge fan aesthetically from the outside because I never dug the tire well on the back.  Silly, yes, but I like what I like.

2018 Toyota RAV4

When the Toyota RAV4 arrived in our driveway, I was actually immediately in like with the outside. It had a sporty exterior and was painted a deep red with black accents. The car looked really sporty and really struck a chord with me. When I opened the driver door I was a little bummed to find cloth seats. To be a sporty vehicle, I would expect leather seats for easy cleanup.

The front dash had a thick lip which contained the air controls and was an immediate turn off for me. It seemed that if you had something go wrong with your controls that it would be a lot of work and repair to fix being in that “lip” portion.

Once I got the Toyota RAV4 on the road however, all my dislikes faded and I started to fall in love with the SUV. The RAV4 had all of the must haves I was looking for and drove like a champ. The car was very centered when driving and though only a v4, it had pep in its step and didn’t struggle to accelerate in speed.

Would I buy the 2018 Toyota RAV4?

After a week of driving around in the Toyota RAV4, would I actually buy the RAV4 in the long run? The verdict is in and the answer is yes, just throw some leather seats in! Initially, the exterior sold me but the interior wasn’t my favorite. However, after driving the RAV4 and seeing how well it handles the road, I was back on board again. I believe the Toyota RAV4 is a great competitor in the smaller SUV market and would rate it an 8/10.