Visiting the Newly Redesigned Jake’s Unlimited

Jake's UnlimitedPIN IT!Originally debuting in 2005, one of the places that kept you sane as a parent was visiting locations like Amazing Jake’s. Amazing Jake’s is an indoor amusement park where your kids can run wild and burn some energy. We visited the park roughly a year ago and though we liked it, we felt there were nicer options in the area we could visit.

This past year, however, Amazing Jake’s underwent a 4.5 million dollar facelift that put the venue back on the map as Jake’s Unlimited. Fun for the whole family, the facility now offers a dual-level laser tag arena, VIP bowling suites, bumper cars, and more than 170 games.

Jake’s Unlimited

When I walked into the building my jaw actually dropped at how dramatic of a renovation had taken place. With two full-size bars(YES!) and new food options, it didn’t look like the same location at all! Our concierge enthusiastically showed us around the new venue which also included an expanded kids zone. Parents of toddlers, you will love it!

The Food

After our quick tour and mapping out what all we wanted to do, we decided our first priority was chowing down on some za aka pizza. Being pregnant, eating at a buffet is a best case scenario when it comes to food. I can get a bunch of different items in one place to tackle all of my cravings. With that being said, I took advantage of several different pizzas, soup, salad, and pasta. Oh, and of course dessert!

The Fun

After stuffing our bellies full, we headed over to toddler area for our youngest to ride the teacups, carousel, and play some toddler size games. I love that they had smaller versions of the full size games for him to play. It made winning prizes so much more fun for him.

After spending time in the kids zone, we headed out to the main floor so my oldest could play games, ride the new rides like the bumper cars, and play in the all new laser tag arena. Make sure you go into the prize area to get your assigned laser tag play time as you can’t just jump in line.

I didn’t go into the arena because I didn’t want to risk hitting my bump but my husband played with our oldest and said it was really neat inside. My oldest wanted to play multiple times of course. Who doesn’t love running around in a real life video game setting?!

The Bowling

Once the boys started tiring me out, I decided it was time for a round of bowling to catch my breath. The bowling alley was super modern with plush seating and black lights which we all loved. They had plenty of bowling balls to select from and they even had bowling shoes for my toddler. Win! We played a round or two then decided it was time to cash in our points for prizes.

The Winnings

We added and divided out the points so the boys both had an equal amount. Though the prize area did have a wide variety to choose from, the prize point amount versus what the prizes were, was kind of lackluster. You didn’t get much in comparison for the money you would spend. Thankfully, my boys were happy with mostly candy items as their prizes.

In hindsight, Jake’s Unlimited made a smart move investing in a high dollar renovation. The value for your money is there overall and is definitely on par, if not exceeding its competitors in the area.