Julep Maven Box Review

Julep offered me my first box free so I took advantage and paid the $2.99 shipping to try the box out. Once I finished signing up I went back to change my card information to a different card since its going to be monthly. I added the new card number and then went to delete my other card and the site gave me no option to do this whatsoever. This is a red flag for me, the company has no reason to retain my other card’s information.

Julep Maven BoxOnce I got my box, it contained 3 nail polishes and an eye liner. Eye liner seemed random but I’m not complaining. I painted my nails with one of the polishes and it came out true to color and smooth but chipped just like any other polish with 1-2 days.

Since I wasn’t in love with the Julep Maven box I decided to skip a month. I went into my account and couldn’t find this anywhere. I searched the FAQ on the site, followed the steps, and still nothing. At this point I decided to just cancel my subscription. Anything that is this difficult to cancel or use is not something I want to be a part of.

I found the number to call and cancel in the FAQ section so I gave them a call. The voice was the creator of the box which was honestly a little hard to understand when she spoke fast but it took me no time to get to an operator. The representative asked for my email, verified my email, and asked why I was canceling. I quickly stated everything above and she quickly stated that was no problem and cancelled my account.

Though I was happy with how the site is set up, the product was okay and the cancellation process was probably the easiest I’ve ever done. There was no arguing or begging for me to stay, they respected my decision. Overall I would give the Julep Maven Box company a 6 out of 10.