Kiss Me I’m Irish 4k/8k/17k

Yes, I know that the Irish don’t actually celebrate St. Patty’s Day like we do but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the fun! This past year I signed up to run Kiss Me I’m Irish even though I honestly thought it looked so so. The day of the race I showed up terribly sick and didn’t think I would even be able to complete the run at all but eventually decided to push through even with it raining. When I got up to the starting line and saw all of the vendor tents I was rather intrigued. It was awesome seeing so many people decked out in green as well as their pets.

The run was pretty easy and all on pavement around Westgate with supporters along the way. For those  of you who don’t think supporters really do anything you would be surprised. Just when you’re starting to get tired or wondering how much further you have to go, its nice to have someone encouraging you along the way. Maybe its just me but it always motivates me.

As I struggled across the finish line due to my illness, I was greeted immediately with bottles of water and a huge chocolate kiss. I decided to walk around and check out all of the vendors before grabbing my green beer. I have to give huge props to the Kiss Me Irish run for having so many vendors and the band. Off the top of my head I remember Navy Federal, 12k’s of Christmas(which I will be running this year), Muscle Milk, a couple of different gyms that I’m not able to recall, and finally Nothing Bundt Cakes which I have fallen head over heels in love with. They have the most AMAZING cakes and I have bought so many since then. Eventually I made my way over to the bar to grab my green beer and enjoy my Irish breakfast as well.

Overall, this run was fantastic from beginning to end. From the supporters to the vendors to the beer to the technical shirts in stead of tshirts; this is another run I will be taking part in again in 2014. I will probably put my dogs through the torture of entering them into the doggie costume contest as well this coming year which the will love I’m sure.