Lookout Points in Cape Town to See the City From Above

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!Have you always dreamed of a vacation in the mountains? Well, Cape Town has got you covered. But if you are more of a sun-and- beach person, Cape Town is a great option for you as well! With its good climate, cultural attractions and modern infrastructure, this South-African city is definitely becoming a go-to destination.

With so much to do and see, sometimes you just need to take a step back and take it all in. This article will provide you with the best lookout points in Cape Town, so that you can admire the city to its fullest.

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!The notorious table

You do not need to be a local to have heard of Table Mountain. There is a reason that this flat-topped beauty was named one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ in 2011.

Table Mountain is a whopping 1086 meters (3563 feet) high, and part of the Table Mountain National Park. Not only can you get a gorgeous view of Cape Town here, but the hike to get to get up to the top is also pretty spectacular. If you are the more adventurous type, there are options for rock climbing and mountain biking. Or, be more laid back, and take the Cableway cable car up. All-in- all, the millions of tourist that visit annually know: If you want to take a perfect picture, Table Mountain is the place to be.

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!Lookout points in Cape Town

There are plenty of other mountains to explore when in Cape Town. Although not as famous as Table Mountain, Lion’s Head is a favorite among both locals and tourists. On a clear day, you’ll have a 360°-view. Not only will you be able to see the City Bowl, but you can spot Robben Island as well. The hike to the peak takes on average an hour and a half, and there is a child-friendly route for not-so- experienced hikers.

Located on the western side of Cape Peninsula is Chapman’s Peak Drive. Known as one of the world’s most scenic routes, there are viewpoints galore. Along the road are stops, where visitors can park the car and admire the seascapes and mountains. With some luck, you might even spot a whale!

Next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain is Signal Hill – a prime spot for watching sunsets. Originally used to send out weather warnings and alerts to ships, the mountain is one of Cape Town’s best lookout points. To this day, the Noon Gun will still fire every day at 12 sharp, with the exceptions of Sundays and national holidays. At night, Signal Hill becomes quite romantic, as couples come up to enjoy the lights of the city.

Against the slopes of Table Mountain lies the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the conservatory and gardens are filled with indigenous flora. Kirstenbosch has a certain calmness to it, and the stunning views of mountains in the background only adds to its appeal.

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!Down by the shore

Maiden’s Cove is a beautiful, blissful beach, situated in the Camps Bay suburb. Again, this is an ideal place to take pictures of Table Mountain or the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range. Sit back and relax in the grass, spot some dolphins and whales, and watch the sun set. Or arrive earlier in the day; make use of the tidal pools and braai – the South-African way of barbecuing. You can’t really ask for a more perfect day.

If you bring your kids along, or if you’re simply in the mood for something a little more ‘fun’, check out the Cape Wheel on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Also known as the Wheel of Excellence, the 40-meter high attraction will give you a panorama view of Cape Town. And – as a little bonus – the cabins are air-conditioned too. V&A Waterfront is surrounded by restaurants and coffee houses, shopping venues and theaters. The historic harbor is a great place to explore the more buzzing side of the city.

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!Up in the air

Although Cape Town offers tons of options to sight see, there really is only one way to see everything from above. The city has multiple helicopter ride companies, and it is definitely worth the money to take a trip on a chopper. The scenic tours typically feature the major sights; however, more expensive flights might even take you out to Robben

Lookout Points in Cape TownPIN IT!Island and surrounding suburbs and towns.

Altogether, there are plenty of lookout points in Cape Town. Besides the well-known sights, there are tons of restaurants, parks and offices with amazing views. Connect with locals, as they are bound to have some lesser-known favorites. Besides its stunning landmarks, Cape Town has a rich history, and the only way to fully absorb it, is to go and visit it in person.

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