The Lost Dutchman Treasure Loop Trail

lost dutchman treasure loop trailEven though I live in the East Valley, I’ve never hiked any of the trails around here. I decided to look up a couple and came across the Lost Dutchman Treasure Loop Trail and it looked beautiful. With an elevation gain of 748ft and a total trail distance of 3.7 miles I figured it would be a great starter trail for my sister to try.

lost dutchman treasure loop trailThe view before you even start the trail is gorgeous and it only gets prettier the higher you climb. The trail was a little rocky and steep but honestly I’d say it was fairly easy to climb. It was really visible and marked clearly as well so there’s no confusion as to which trail you’re on. The trail had lots of desert vegetation most of the way up and wasn’t too crowded for a 9am weekday hike. I carried my 15 month old in a carrier and there were lots of dogs and older couples hiking as well.

lost dutchman treasure loop trailOn the way up there are plenty of spots to take some great photos and climb various boulders for awesome shots with the landscape surrounding you. The sun was just peaking over the mountains at some points so I was able to get some very pretty iphoneography shots of me nursing my little one which you can see here.

lost dutchman treasure loop trailAs a heads up, it did cost $7 to park for the day and they only have a couple of port-a-potties but honestly it was worth the money. I have family coming into town in a few weeks and this is one of the hikes I will definitely be taking them on.

lost dutchman treasure loop trail