MacDonald’s Farm Pumpkin Patch

I LOVE Halloween, its hands down one of my top 3 holidays. I know top three, lol. Since I have a lot going on right now with my husband I decided to try not to let it get to me and go out and do something with Evan. Since Halloween is this month and I just so happen to see a groupon for a pumpkin patch we decided to go and have Granny Annie tag along. (she loves when i call her that, haha) Evan was talking about pumpkins the whole way there even though I’m sure he had no idea what a pumpkin was at the time. Once we got there we petted some animals, went for a hayride to pick out the perfect pumpkin, did a hay maze, and enjoyed a shaved ice. <—random I know but they had them and I was thirsty, lol.