Max’s 5 Month Update!

Since I have been a neglectful parent when it comes to getting Max a baby book I’m going to do monthly posts to have documented information to look at if and when I’ll ever need it. So here we go!

Max's 5 month udpate

Weight & Height?

Since I don’t have a tape measure I’m guestimating that he is 14.2lbs and 27in long still.

Clothing Size?

6-9 month, he’s long enough but not quite pudgy enough for them


My goal is to not start feeding Max baby food until he’s 6 months due to a baby’s gut not being fully formed until then but he just drools watching us eat. Low and behold I gave in and let him try some sweet potatoes and tastes of foods we have been eating and he’s in love. He’s been a skinny baby thus far but the way he acts over food might plump him up!


Mostly through the night, only wakes up 1-2 times to comfort eat it seems.


Max can hold his head up when on his tummy, roll both ways, reach, grab, and hold things with his hands and he has 1 tooth through with the second about to pop through.