Max’s Birth Story

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As most of you know, I’ve had a birth plan set early on for Max’s arrival. Since I grew to learn a lot more information this second time around I was set on getting a VBAC as long as it was medically safe. At 39 weeks 3 days I spontaneously went into labor which funny enough, is the exact time I went into labor with Evan as well. I timed my contractions with one of my favorite baby apps to make sure that I could hold out until David got home which I was able to do but we had to go to the hospital as soon as he got home as they were speeding up. We got there, got checked in and was set up in a room to monitor my contractions to make sure they were close enough to be admitted.

I waited 1-2 hours before they got me into a room as everyone was having a baby that day apparently. The contractions were getting pretty close and much stronger so I opted for some pain meds to ease the pain. The pain meds were honestly hilariously awesome. I still felt the contractions but they were much more bearable and I felt like I was high which David was cracking up over. Once we got into a room the pain just intensified which is to be expected so after trying to hold out as long as possible, I ended up giving into an epidural. maximusNot what I wanted to do but I couldn’t take the pain. About 1-2 hours after the epidural, I started getting pain on my right side pretty badly. The anesthesiologist came in and bumped up the meds but after another hour of pumping in more and more meds the pain had moved to the center and become the most unbearable pain yet. No matter how much medication I kept pumping it, the pain just wouldn’t stop. I was in tears and pretty much screaming about it. The doctor came in, examined me and was worried that I had ruptured my uterus. I waited a few minutes and considered all options but the pain was to the point that I thought I was going to pass out so I sadly opted for a repeat c-section.

I was rushed into an OR and they started prepping right away. I remember freaking out that I was going to be able to feel everything because of my epidural not working but the anesthesiologist promised that they wouldn’t start until I was all numbed up. Once, I was convinced that I wouldn’t feel anything they had already started going to work. With Evan, I remember feeling the incision cut and everything and this time I had no idea so clearly I was good to go.

It wasn’t long until I heard the cries of my little pumpkin. I was so thrilled and excited and they whisked him off right behind me. They were supposed to lay him on my chest and wait to swaddle and weigh him and everything so I was getting anxious when they didn’t. I heard them say he was 8lbs even and then he started peeing all over the nurses.

At this point I heard the suction hose and my doctor talking about bleeding. My nerves went through the roof and my arms were shaking so bad that I physically couldn’t make them lay flat on the operating table. I remember asking for Max over and over which felt like an eternity before they gave him to me. I finally got to see his adorable little face and I couldn’t believe how cute he was. I could see David was nervous with Max in his arms and the doctor talking about me having 3-4 more “bleeders” was making me panic. Eventually the anesthesiologist got off his phone long enough to give me some relaxing meds which honestly didn’t help much but it did keep making me pass out which helped in a way.

daddy maxFinally the doctor got all of the bleeding under control, explained everything that caused the bleeding with my blood all over her scrubs, and we were wheeled out to the recovery room. Turns out when I had surgery back in February that all of my organs went crazy. My fallopian grew through a round ligament then attached to my bladder which had also attached itself to my uterus which is what was causing the immense pain that led to the c-section.

Once we were in the recovery room Max latched on to nurse and the rest is history. Though I did not want to have a repeat c-section I will have to say this time around was much easier. They got me out of bed the same day and made me walk which I believe help me heal immensely sooner. Not to mention the adorable little boy in my arms making me forget all the pain. Welcome to the world Maximus William. <3

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  • Grandma

    So sorry Jessica that you had to go tru all that. So happy you and Max both are fine and healthy. Love you all very much. Always in my prayers. Give the precious little angel hugs and kisses from his Great-Grandma. I am so proud of you.

  • Jenna

    Hey Jeska!
    I feel like birth stories are becoming more and more traumatic lately. Like you, I has some complications that caused me to hemorrhage and go through emergency surgery. You’re right though. Having your little piece of heaven in your arms, completely stops all pain and craziness. Hope you’re healing well.

    • admin

      Thank you for the kind words Jenna! I see you signed up for an account as well, would you like to be a contributor? 🙂