Safe Medications During Pregnancy

I’ve always been one of those people that avoid taking medication unless absolutely necessary. After having Evan I did loosen up some and gave in to the occasional Advil for pain but in general, nothing more than a daily vitamin. With Max I wanted it to be a goal to keep my pregnancy as natural as possible. However, sometimes pregnancy can force you to give in and take medication to feel some tiny smidge of relief.

I stumbled upon a lovely little sheet of medications that are safe during pregnancy in 2014 and shared it here in this post. Since then, I have decided to create my own sheet with updated medications during pregnancy.  As always, sharing is caring, here is the list for you or for that special preggo in your life.

Feel free to click the photo to download the PDF version for printing!

safe medications during pregnancyPIN IT!


If you have the old version that use to be here, please throw it out. It was three years outdated and some of the medications have been proven to no longer be safe while pregnant.


*Please consult a doctor before taking any medication. This list was created in 2017 and may be outdated.*