Healthy Mother’s Day Traditions to Start This Year

Mother's Day Traditions to start this yearPIN IT!

Mom: shirt | Max: shirt, short | Dad: shirt, shorts, shoes | Evan: shirt

Most moms love a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day and some like to spend the day. As most of you know, I am not the mom that wants to escape her kids for Mother’s Day. They are the reason I am a mother so I like to soak up the day with them. If you share my same sentiment, here are some of my favorite Mother’s Day traditions you can start this year.

Hand Made Card

health benefit: memory retention

This is the most simple thing your spouse can make happen. I absolutely love hand made cards from my kids and I save every single one of them. One day, 50 years from now, I will be able to pull out all of these handcrafted sentiments and probably inconsolably cry for hours over how sweet they are.

Questionnaire Video

health benefit: laughter which releases endorphins & lowers blood pressure

Photos capture a thousand words but a video captures all of them. Why not sit down to create a fun little questionnaire to ask your kids individually to answer each year. Believe me, answers kids give are always hilarious and typically not what you’d expect. We started doing a paper one last year but this year we are moving up to video recording and eventually creating a montage.

healthy Mother's Day TraditionsPIN IT!

Evan: shirt, shoes | Mom: shirt, shoes | Max: shirt, short, shoes

Family Workout

health benefit: weight loss, builds bone density, increase energy levels

One of my favorite Mather’s Day traditions is working out together. The boys always feel so proud of completing any little tasks with us. I’m not going to lie, we have matching activewear too. Can’t help it. Here are some simple exercises you can do to incorporate the kiddos.

  • Yoga – The most simple poses create intimate moments to teach your kids how to breathe and embrace the world around them. If you know how to safely practice acro yoga, go for it! My boys love jumping and hanging like monkeys.
  • Kettlebell lifts & swings – Kettlebells come in all shapes and sizes so grab a couple of small 2-5lb ones for the kiddos. They can lift and swing just like the rest of us.
  • Have an infant? No problem! Baby can be laid on a mat while you perform push-ups, planks, and various other core strengthening exercises.

Morning Breakfast

health benefit: healthy breakfast helps curb sugar cravings, boost your immune system, promotes psychological health

We live for cooking breakfast in the mornings so why not add a special touch to it as a Mother’s Day tradition. You could make heart-shaped pancakes with chocolate chips or bananas sliced into faces. The kids will love using their imaginations to creatively make a masterpiece breakfast for you.

healthy Mother's Day TraditionsPIN IT!

Weekend Getaway

health benefit: keeps your brain active, can improve mental health

Soak up some family time by escaping for the weekend. Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend time together as a family so why not make it a Mother’s Day tradition? You can keep it local and just find new little towns in your area to explore. Want to go further? Hop on a plane and make it happen.

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