Must Have Pregnancy Apps

Must Have Pregnancy AppsPIN IT!When that two week wait is finally over and you get that flashing positive, you’re through the roof. All you want to do is learn everything you can to find out what’s normal and what’s not. You’re a worry wart but for all of the right reasons, you have a little bundle on the way. With all the apps out on the market today, I’ve decided to round up my must have pregnancy apps.


BabyBump is full of ads and asks you to upgrade every time you open but I think it’s worth having around. The app allows you to add your photo to the top and then photos weekly to see your progression. Under your photo, it has a little ticker that bumps up every week. Under the ticker is your daily tip. Each day there is a new topic for you to read about. The tips all have photos you can click and enlarge. There are generalized groups you can join as well.


This app was my favorite with Max. I like that it shows your floating image of your baby. This app like the others also has daily tips for you to read. What’s in addition to that is that Pregnancy++ shows you multiple photos and versions of your baby. The app also allows you to enter in your appointments, tasks, and make a list of favorite baby names all in one app. There’s a kick counter, timeline, and more! For a free app, you can’t beat everything this one has to offer!

Baby Center

You may know Baby Center from their plethora of pregnancy information online and their app is just as great. The Baby Center app has a nice updated feel to it. The design is sleek and easy to navigate. At the top you are shown the week you are currently at with the baby’s size of reference. You can click on your current week to learn more about your baby’s growth or you can scroll down through multiple articles for you to digest. On the bottom menu, you can select the birth club option to browse forums and post your own questions. Next on the menu is the tools option which has lots of quick tips and trackers. You have a registry option, kick counter, contraction timer, baby name section, birth preferences and more.

Ovia Pregnancy

For those of you who don’t know, Ovia is the app that help me conceive my little twins. It tracks your cycle and everything you need to know when you’re ovulating so you can conceive quickly. In our case, one shot was all it took. Once I got that big fat positive, I updated my achievement in the app and was presented with confetti and a congratulations. The app then suggested I go download their pregnancy app to follow along with and of course I did.

The Ovia Pregnancy app is super cute and with options for customization. You can select a background color, pick a baby size theme, see the size of your baby’s hands and feet currently, and more. You can read many articles like the other apps as well as check out your progress calendar. You can set doctor’s appointments, track milestones, see how many weeks you are, track your moods, weight, sleep, blood pressure, and other health records. You have a forum to ask questions anonymously too if you ever want to know an answer and not feel embarrassed for asking.

The Bump

The Bump app is very simple but has all the info you need. It’s not full of thrills and frills so it’s great for the mom to be who just wants the basics. When opening the app you are greeted by the size of your baby in comparison to food. As you scroll down you have handy new articles every day for you to read along your journey. The app also has their own community section full of forums to browse as well.

Glow Baby

This was an app that I had never heard of and has turned out to be my favorite out of them all. The Glow Baby app like the Ovia Pregnancy app is full of options for customization. The home screen shows a picture of your baby in their current week, floating in their little sack. Of course, you have a ton of articles you can read through like the other apps but my favorite part is the forums. There’s are tons of forums from your due date month to multiples and more. I’ve asked and participated in many threads and love that I get notifications of responses and upvotes.

Who Didn’t Make the Cut

As you can see there are many pregnancy apps out there for you to try. Many loaded with information, however, many are not that great and kind of a letdown. There are the apps that I gave a try and ultimately deleted.

What to Expect

What to Expect seems like a given when you think about the book. If you don’t have it, you should grab it by the way! What I like about the app the most are the videos. they are pretty insightful and give you a better understanding about your baby in its current stage.  What I dislike is that the layout falls flat and isn’t very interactive. You have your baby’s size at the top and article links all below. Boring.


What I love about Sprout is the interactive 3D model of your baby. You can spin it, zoom in and out, and tap different spotlights to learn facts. The app also offers weekly articles to read and an option to journal if you’d like. What I don’t like is that you have to pay for the app after a week or so. Maybe the upgraded version is worth it but just from the initial viewing, I wouldn’t pay to play.

I’m Expecting

The I’m Expecting app is well, lame in my honest opinion. When you open the app you see a cute image of babies but not of your baby’s current stage. You can watch a video about your week and write in a diary but that’s about all that it has to offer. Definitely a pass for me.

WebMD Pregnancy

The WebMD Pregnancy app just kind of falls short. You are left with slides you can swipe through and general information options on the bottom. A community option is listed but honestly its full of spam. There’s no useful information. Not an app I would ever consider keeping since they can’t keep the spam off of their feed.

Must Have Pregnancy AppsPIN IT!PIN IT!

  • Jenn JG

    Great list of apps for an expecting mom! I love the idea of the 3D model with the Sprout app! A few of my girlfriends are pregnant, I am going to send the list over to them to enjoy!

  • Terri Beavers

    It’s great knowing about all of these apps. My daughter is TTC and they will come in handy if she is lucky enough to conceive.

  • Anchal

    You have listed the best of the lot. I had and have most of them. Such a helpful article for a lot of moms. or would be.

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    thats a great post, thank you from Spain! very very interesting

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    What a great list of apps for expecting parents. I’m Don’t think I will have anymore children, but I know of a lot of expecting mothers and I will share your Link withvthemand also on our mothers more at church,

  • Blair villanueva

    I may not be needing these yet but I have two friends both carrying their first trimester! This is perfect for them.

  • Pat

    it is amazing how technology evolved and helped us in our lives including pregnancy. not pregnant or have been before but i can appreciate how the apps can help!

  • Anvita Bhatnagar Mistry

    These are great apps. I didn’t use a whole lot except for WebMD and Baby Center.

  • Amanda Schreiber

    Thank you for the list! Pinning to my “someday” board!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    So many great apps available for expecting moms now. I wish these were available when I had babies.

  • Kimberly C.

    What great info for expecting mommies. There are so many good ones to choose from and this narrows it down. I love how some also show the size of the baby as its growing.

  • Falak

    Oh boy! I survived with Baby Center App only. Loved my birth groups – made so many good friends as well. And it was always nice to have a place to share all your concerns and excitement starting from getting that BFP to delivering the baby!

  • Bobbi

    I never had any pregnancy apps when I was pregnant. These would have been so great and helpful!

  • Nicole

    When I was pregnant I used the Baby Center app and I loved it! It still even notifies me of my son’s development with him being over 1 year old! I would definitely recommend it to any expecting mom!

  • Nina

    They literally have apps for everything. How cool! It is neat that you can track your pregnancy with technology. I like how you included the ones that you weren’t as impressed with as well.

  • Oyinkan

    Webmd pregnancy sounds the most legit lol. But these are great to know b/c I never know.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information about pregnancy apps. When you find out you are pregnant you want to learn everything you can about being pregnant and you want to document step of the way. Thanks for sharing the good and not so good pregnancy apps.

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    These apps are very helpful especially for new moms or tennage moms. I have a lot of single mom friends. I’m so sure they can use these apps well.