A Fresh Look at the New Balance Women 2015 Fall Catalog

If you’re anything like me, when you hear New Balance, you think oh yeah, I know that brand, it’s nothing special. New Balance has always been one of those brands that I considered “older” and never had anything fresh to offer. Welp, boy was I wrong.

new balance women 2015 fall catalogue
After viewing New Balance Women’s Fall Catalogue I have completely changed my mind. I tried out a pair of their Premium Performance Fashion Crop, a Performance Merino Half Zip, a pair of Fresh Foam Zante shoes, and lastly a pair of 711 shoes. Well, what makes them so special? Let me break it down.

Premium Performance Fashion Crop

new balance women 2015 fall catalogueBesides the cute print on the sides, these fitness capris offer complete 100% opaque coverage so no one is sneaking a peak when you’re in the zone. They are also made of Dry fabric and they are anti-chafe so if you’re a runner like me, you don’t need to worry about your thighs nor the fabric breaking down quickly. Also, you can’t forget the handy little zip key pocket on the backside.

Performance Merino Half Zip

new balance women 2015 fall cataloguenew balance women 2015 fall catalogue

I personally have this half zip in the Imperial Heather color, which I think is a great color for fall. This half zip is also made of the same Dry fabric and is lightweight, which perfect for Arizona weather. New Balance added a zip pocket on the front to store any little must haves you need during your workout. No need to worry if you’re out on a run either as the Merino half zip has thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place and reflective trim to keep you safe.

Fresh Foam Zante Shoes
new balance women 2015 fall catalogueNow here is where I get the most picky when it comes out to my fitness wardrobe. I don’t like a lot of weight on my foot and so I was very skeptical trying out the New Balance Women shoes as I thought the shoes wouldn’t be anything I would ever consider wearing.

Not only are the Fresh Foam Zante shoes lightweight but they exceeded my expectations. They have a soft midsole and have a bootie design so I can easily slide them on and off. The bottom sole of the shoes has an awesome rigid grip as well so you can take on all kinds of surfaces when working out.

New Balance 711 Shoes

new balance women 2015 fall catalogueThese shoes were the first pair I tried on and the pair I have been wearing non-stop since they’ve touched my feet. I don’t know what it is about this particular pair but they are so comfortable that I never want to take them off. They as well are lightweight and have a soft exterior with a funky, cute design on them.

new balance women 2015 fall catalogue

I have never been so in love with a brand of fitness clothing in my life until now. Since trying out these pieces from the New Balance Women fall catalog, I have ordered 3 more items and signed up for their MyNB Loyalty program.