What is Oil Pulling?

organic coconut oil pullingA couple friends of mine were talking about whitening their teeth the other day and how they were using straight peroxide which terrible for your teeth! I totally didn’t think about it until the next day but I suggested that they try organic coconut oil pulling. I explained the process and the benefits of it and told them to give it a shot. I have never tried oil pulling myself but being that I love to try and do everything the natural way of course. For those of you who don’t know, you put a teaspoon full of coconut oil(or a variety of others) in your mouth and swish it back and forth for 20 minutes. The oil slowly gets softer as it pulls the bacteria, etc. from your mouth. Spit it out in the trash afterwards(so it doesn’t clog your drain), rinse your mouth, and brush your teeth. Viola!

Its a simple process and great for oral hygiene. Here are some the many benefits:

+ Whitens teeth

+ Strengthens your gums, teeth, & jaw. It also helps with sensitive teeth!

+ Prevents cavities and gingivitis. Some people have said it healed their cavities but once again, I haven’t tried it yet!

+ Helps with general pain issues

+ Helps get rid of acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

+ General body detox

+ Cures a hangovers and migraines

+ Helps with sleep issues..this would be a miracle in our house

+ Clears out your sinuses and helps allergy sufferers

+ Helps kill morning breath!

Now that I’ve learned even more from writing this post I may give it a shot and post my progress on here. I do have a cavity that likes to bug me from time to time so that would be an easy way to test it. Have any of you taken the leap yet? How have your results been so far?