Olympian Tech iPhone 6 Case

I love having a clutch like case for my phone for when I’m going out. Its so much easier to carry a small clutch than your whole purse full of items when you’re going out for a drink or nice dinner. Its less of a hassle and much more classy. Since my iPhone 5 took a swim in the toilet and I finally upgraded to an iPhone 6, all of my clutch cases won’t cut it anymore so I decided to give the Olympian Tech iPhone 6 case a shot to see how I liked it.

olympian tech iphone 6 case olympian tech iphone 6 case

When I received the case I was instantly impressed by the nice packaging. The case was wrapped in plastic inside of a leather like cover inside of a box. There is nothing I like more than great marketing and packaging and Olympian Tech nailed it! I pulled out the case and inspected it before putting my phone in it.

What do I love about it?

  • very nice quality! honestly the nicest clutch like case I’ve ever used!
  • magnetic closure
  • not only credit card slots but a see through slot for your id
  • snap in versus a pocket slide in

What do I dislike about it?

  • hard to snap out of the case, kept putting my phone into “vibrate” mode
  • the strap that comes with the case is kind of flimsy and feels like it would be easy to break after some wear and tear

Overall I highly recommend this iPhone 6 case. Its sleek, fashionable, and very well made! You can purchase a case here if you’re interested: Olympian Tech iPhone 6 Case