Papago Park Double Butte Loop & Hole in the Rock

papago park the hole in the rockNow that my sister Lacey has moved out here to the desert, she wants me to show her around and do some exploring. I use to hike quite often but hadn’t in a couple of years so I decided we should climb up to the Hole in the Rock since I had never been, and then follow it up with an easy 2.3 mile hike with minimal elevation gain.papago park the hole in the rock
The Hole in the Rock is an easy 825ft walk up a small mountain to a pretty but small view of Phoenix. Literally, anyone could do it, even someone with an injury or elderly probably. Obviously, consult a doctor if needed before doing any physical activity. We made our way up and took a couple of photos and enjoyed the view before heading over to the Double Butte Loop.

papago park the hole in the rock

The Double Butte Loop at Papago Park is an easy loop around on a lightly rocky, dirt path. Reaching the top you can get a pretty decent view of downtown Phoenix and the airport but nothing too exciting. My sister decided that she wanted to climb into some holes and take photos and upon doing so she received an ass full of cactus prongs which was painful for her but hysterical for me.

papago park the hole in the rock

papago park the hole in the rockOverall this two hikes together are an easy 1 hour hiking trip for those of you who aren’t hikers but would like to get a small view of the city without a lot of physical work.