Personal Training at the Click of a Button

personal training at the click of a buttonPIN IT!

At some point in your fitness journey, you will probably consider using a personal trainer. You’ll go to a gym, hear what they have to say, then cringe at the price tag that comes along with it. You need a trainer though so you go through with the contract but then you have problems lining up schedules. What now?

Personal Training at the Click of a Button

I never in a million years would have thought that an app would be able to serve as a personal trainer, but sure enough, Ladder has struck a gold mine. Ladder is an online personal training platform that provides you with the benefits of personal training at an affordable price point, and in a way that works with your schedule. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

I created my Ladder account and answered a few questions to get me started. I was given the option to even state what style of trainer I’d like. This could be a cheerleader, an educator or a drill sergeant-style motivator for example. I typically lean toward the latter two.

personal training at the click of a buttonPIN IT!After submitting my preferences, I was given the option to check out a list of available trainers. I love that you’re able to see a profile about them, watch videos, check out their social media handles, etc. It really helped me hone in on who I thought was a great match for me.

My Journey

I chose Jevoni as my trainer and we started chatting about my weaknesses and strengths right off the bat. Jevoni took the time to address all of my concerns and injuries to create individual health and wellness goals, directly through my phone. We discussed my eating habits and ways to improve what I’m already doing. Within the app, you can make “promises” of tasks your and your trainer decide to create. For me, it was drinking protein after my workouts.

Jevoni took the time to address any of my concerns and injuries to create individual health and wellness goals, directly through my phone. From there, my workouts were created. My results are right on track for my goals and what we have been doing. There hasn’t been one exercise that has made me question anything that I’m doing. Jevoni has been supportive and positively pushed me the whole way and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Why I Love Ladder

I am on the go all of the time with 3 kids, errands, and working from home. Often times I feel like it’s hard to get my workouts in when I can’t make it to the gym. Having personal training through an app is the most convenient and accountable way to keep me on track.  If I’m not finished working until late, no problem. If I have 30 minutes of free time before I need to pick the boys up from school, no problem. If I have 3 hours to spend at the gym, no problem. Ladder has me covered for wherever I am at any point in the day.

personal training at the click of a buttonPIN IT!

Besides being able to work out when I want, Ladder is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than your typical personal trainer in a gym or studio. Ladder costs as low as $16 per month. You can get a monthly subscription ($49.99), a three-month subscription ($89.97),
or a 12-month subscription ($191.88). A monthly subscription is $50! You can barely get a gym membership for that cheap. I’ve used personal trainers before and have paid over $100 for one 30 minute session a week. Only paying $50 monthly to have a personal training at the click of a button, 24/7  couldn’t get any better.

Come Join Me For Free!

I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with Ladder to bring you all a sweet deal! Anyone who signs up through this link here and uses the code “WILD” will not only get a week FREE but you will also save 10% on any subscription you choose afterward. Please let me know if you decide to take the leap and let me know what you think!

“Though this post is in partner with Ladder, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I totally think they are rad!”

  • Candy

    Seems to be an app for everything now a days. Honestly didn’t know there was a personal trainer app. Will have to check this out

  • Glenda Cates

    I have been wanting to lose weight and wanted someone to work out with. So I think I will check into this to keep me on track and to get me up and doing something.

  • Melissa Chapman

    Having personal training when you need it and unscheduled is such a great idea. I tried a trainer years ago and it really helps you get motivated.

  • Sandra joaquin

    You are such an inspiration and love this journey you have taken. God bless you and your family!

  • Jacky - Joyful Savings

    I don’t need to loose weight, but I’ve always wanted to get into some type of fitness, to tone muscles and build body strength. This sounds like an awesome idea! . . . when I’m ready to start my fitness, I’ll make sure I’ll sign up with Ladder.

  • sara lafountain

    Ladder sounds like a great way for stay at home Moms to work out. I have a work out app that really gives me a great workout, I just wish I had more time to use it.

  • Tami

    I love seeing personal training posts done by someone my size. It’s reality to me that I can do this, too!

  • Debra P

    With winter coming, I know that I won’t be getting as much outdoor exercise as before so I think this would be a great idea. To have a personal trainer, who can help me find ways to stay fit in winter.

  • Marysa

    It’s always good to find motivation where you can! This sounds like a great way to keep on top of your workout routine.