Petco 5k9

Good ole groupon…or maybe living social got me again. I saw the Petco 5k9 run listed on one of the two sites and debated purchasing the registration. Why you may ask? Well I have a small 8 pound, 7 year old shih tzu whom I have never ran with ever. Yes, I could have done the run alone but who wants to do that when you can have your doggie with you?! After much thought I decided to sign up anyways and if all else fails I would carry her the whole way and for $17 I couldn’t go wrong.

The packet pick up was at Petco, I know, you never would have guessed. Everything was organized outside and set up for quick pick up. I gave them my name and they handed me my bib and a drawstring bag of things. By the way, the bib was super cute and had Smush and my name on it which I thought was a nice personalized touch.
I eagerly got to the car to see what all was inside the bag that was given me since it was a little heavy. I opened the bag to see tons and tons of doggie goodies. There were treats, coupons, doggie bags, and tons more. I have never received so many items in a goodie bag so I was very pleased and thought they did an amazing swag bag.

The day of the run came and Smush and I strapped on our warmer clothing since it was a bit chilling outside and headed to the venue. When we arrived there were tons of dogs! Every shape, size, color and all. Once the run started it was a bit crowded but soon spaced out as more athletic dogs took lead. Smush surprisingly wanted to run way more than anticipated.

The course was paved and easy to cover which I think helped a lot for Smush. We reached the bridge and could see the finish line. We finished in about 45 minutes which is slightly long but for a dog who has never run a 5k in her life she did an such an awesome job.
Once we crossed the finish line though Smush was all ran out and wanted me to hold her the rest of the time which I was happy to do. We decided to walk around and check out the vendors since there were so many. The Petco 5k9 hands down blows every run out of the water when it comes to vendors. There were free photos, paw massages, toys, treats, engraved dog tags, and so so much more. They may have been dog vendors but they were fantastic! There was also lots of post race food and the center of the field was blocked off demonstrating police dogs, training techniques, and all kinds of displays.
Overall the Petco 5k9 in Phoenix was absolutely fantastic. They were extremely organized, started on time, tons of vendors, and gave away bomb ass swag bags. I would highly recommend anyone with a dog to take part!