Phenoh 7.4:My New Sports Drink Addiction

If you follow me on Instagram, its fairly obvious how much I love my sports drinks. No, not Gatorade or Powerade, I’m talking GOOD sports drinks. My favorite is Body Armor but then this nifty little PH balancing sports drink called Phenoh 7.4 arrived on my doorstep and has changed everything!

Phenoh 7.4

Phenoh 7.4 is only made up of seven ingredients and is the first Alkaline sports drink with a PH of 7.4. Why is that important you ask? Many foods that we eat and sports drinks are acidic and not only harsh on your digestive system but can slow down your metabolism and give you less energy than before. Phenoh is designed to match our body’s natural PH level and to aid in balancing our PH levels to reach 7.4, the natural level, when it gets thrown off from consumption of acidic foods and drinks.

How does it taste? At first, the taste caught me off guard. I’m not use to the taste of Agave nectar which is used in Phenoh for its sweetness. After drinking one a day for the last couple of weeks, I got use it, and now I’m digging it. Phenoh is a yellow greenish color and the smell isn’t anything you would turn your nose up to especially at only 30 calories per 8oz serving.

Phenoh 7.4

Overall Phenoh 7.4 tastes good and I can get behind the ingredients. It hydrates me quickly and effectively with its high potassium content. Not to mention the awesome benefits of it containing Aloe Vera which is naturally full of amino acids and perfect for runs or to drink after a work out.

Disclaimer: I received a case of Phenoh and a small compensation to review through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink ambassador. All opinions are my own and I only review products that I would recommend myself. 

  • Jen Hellickson

    Totally agree that the taste is like nothing I’ve had before – but so pleasant once you get used to it…and now I actually crave it!

  • Dapinder

    I too was caught a bit off guard by the general taste of agave nectar, but in Phenoh 7.4, it’s really delicious, especially with the aloe!

  • Jamie King

    I’m addicted to phenoh too, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!