Places to Hit Your Sweet Spot in Gilbert, AZ

Having a sweet tooth was never something I ever experience until I was pregnant with Max. Everything changed and things that I didn’t even like, such as chocolate, was everything I ever wanted. Now that he’s two years old, I’m still craving sweets all of the time. Its so hard to control myself sometimes! While I was pregnant however, finding somewhere sweet to eat was an absolute so I searched far and wide to find places to hit your sweet spot in Gilbert, AZ.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

sweet spot in gilbertPIN IT!The Sweet Tooth Fairy was a bakery we found on sweet, sweet accident. We were actually eating dinner at a place down the strip and just happened to park right in front of it. My eyes were immediately drawn in by cute retro modern decor and sweet treats on the shelves. Being a first time guest, they offer you free cake buttons to try their flavorings. They were all so good that we had trouble decided what we wanted but ultimately went with 3 cupcakes and an oreo pop.

sweet spot in gilbertPIN IT!

Fluff It

sweet spot in gilbertOne day I saw this video floating around on Facebook about this marshmallow place. It looked delicious and then at the end of the video it said it was located in Gilbert! Obviously it because an immediate necessity to go check it out. Located in a shopping strip on Gilbert road, Fluff ItPIN IT! is a gourmet marshmallow heaven. You are greeted with shelving filled with a variety of marshmallow flavors as well as other sweet treats and souvenirs. In the center of the shop is the marshmallow bar. They have a variety of menu items to choose from and of course you can customize anything you’d like.

I decided to go with the classic s’mores which is a toasted vanilla bean marshmallow drizzled with chocolate ganache all in a graham cracker cup. Worth every bite. I’ve even included the video below to give you an idea.

sweet spot in gilbertPIN IT!

Petersen’s Ice Cream & Cafe

sweet spot in gilbertPIN IT!We had dinner at SoCal(one of my faves!) one night and decided to walk around afterwards to find a sweet treat. We came upon Petersen’s Ice Cream shop and with my ice cream addiction, it was obvious where we were having desert that night. Petersen’s is a retro throw back to all of the mom and pop shops back in the fifties. Decorated in baby pink and white strips, its boasting with many ice cream flavors from you to choose from. We grabbed our delicious cones and chowed down. It was the perfect throw back to getting ice cream at small shops when I was a kid.

Have you found any sweet hidden gems in your area?

  • robin rue

    We are all about the sweets around here. If I ever make it that way, I will keep these places in mind.

  • candy

    Oh my gosh does all those goodies look delicious. Always indulge when on a trip. This might put me in a food coma. Eat your way through and enjoy.

  • Rachel

    Oh my gosh! All of these goodies look so good!

  • Nicole R Freeman

    Hello Jess its nice to meet you. I live in Easton Pennslyvania. Can people buy your Marshmallow products online ? they all look so yummy!!! and I would like to try them.