Planning a Baby Shower

baby shower

Baby showers are a lot of fun, especially for pregnant mom-to-be. Before you or a friend throw a baby shower there are a few things you should do to prepare. The first thing is figure out if this will be a surprise shower or not. There are benefits to both, the first one being if she knows she can help you with a list of people that she would like to be there. However, if it is a surprise she’ll be touched that you cared enough to throw her a baby shower.

Making the Guest List

When it comes to making the guest list things can get a little tricky. Find out if there is anyone that would be upset if they weren’t invited. Never leave out close family or friends, at least give them the option of showing up. Also, if for whatever reason there could be potential problems between two guests, don’t invite them.


Planning games for a shower can be a bit difficult when you have so many fun options and have a few gifts to pass out as prizes. Here is a quick list of options:

Belly Measuring– The mom-to-be stands in the center of the room and each guests get to decide how big her belly is using a string or party measuring banner. Whoever is the closest wins!

Guess the Baby Animal– Each guest gets a sheet with a list of animals on it that everyone has to write down the baby name for this animal. For example the answer for a cow would be a calf.

Did you say Baby Game?- Each guest is giving small clothespins to wear around their neck on a necklace or on their shirt. Every time someone says Baby and someone catches them, they get to take one pin. At the end of the party the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Memory– Using a tray or bowl of some sort place a bunch of baby items in it such as a bib, thermometer, baby spoon, diaper rash cream, etc. Anything you would use on a baby. Let each guest get a chance to look in the bin for a few seconds and take it away. Once everyone is finished have them write down everything that was in the bowl. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Baby Poop Smelling– Take about 5 newborn diapers and melt 5 different chocolate bars in them. Pass each diaper around once and let every guest try and decide which candy bar is in each one.


Once you have your guest list sent out and all the RSVP’s back, now is the time to start gathering up what food you want to serve. Will is be themed like breakfast? Or will you just go with finger foods? Will there be cake? Don’t forget to keep in mind any food aversions the mom to be might have at the moment.

The Gifts

The easiest way to know what gifts to get the expecting mother is through gift registries. If she has any make sure to include them on the invites. A baby registry is the easiest way to buy gifts you know the mommy to be wants and needs. If there is no baby registry then go with the essentials. A new mom can never have enough diapers, wipes, burp clothes, and outfits.