Poetic Health’s Kinesiology Tape Giveaway

PIN IT!I’m someone who likes to put off injuries until I can’t take the pain. I know, its terrible but I hate going to the doctor. The wait, the general diagnosis, and $300+ later, you’re out of there. So until I give in to the doctor route I always try to find alternate ways to manage the pain. I know of a lot of runners who like to use kinesiology tape but never thought about giving it a shot until now. I received a roll of Poetic Health’s Kinesiology Tape in exchange for an honest review and honestly it couldn’t be better timing.

ktapeI occasionally get this pain under my big toe on my right foot and its terribly painful! After some research I believe I keep experiencing Sesamoiditis which is common in runners. Sadly it takes 2-4 weeks to resolve on its own but there are some other options to try and help the healing process move along. Since I have the Warrior Dash and the Vegas Spartan Super coming up these next two weekends and I need some pain relief as soon as possible. This is where the all amazing Kinesiology tape comes into play. Just by wrapping my foot appropriately in Poetic Health’s tape, I immediately started feeling relief.

I am now a firm believer in K Tape now. It provided the right amount of pressure to ease the pain quickly and was seriously the easiest thing to do for a fraction of the cost it would take for a doctor’s visit. Poetic Health’s Kinesiology Tape was easy to use and super durable. I’ve been wearing the tape for a day now and there has been no budge in adhesiveness. I will also be putting it to the test at the Warrior Dash and can only imagine it will stay just as strong.

For a small and family focused company, they have done an amazing job at creating quality tape and I highly recommend them. So much so that I am holding a giveaway to win your very own roll of Poetic Health’s Kinesiology Tape. Just enter below!

If you’d like to pick a roll from them, feel free to do so here: http://www.amazon.com/poetic-health-kinesiology-tape-chiropractor/dp/b00ta5o0j8/

Please note, always consult a physician as I am not a medical professional. 

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