Premama Lactaction Drink Mix

premamaIf you are a new or expecting mom, there is a new lactation drink mix in town! Premama is a first-of-its kind product line of natural powdered drink mix solutions for complete maternity wellness. Premama Lactation drink mix blends seamlessly with water or with non-carbonated, flavored liquids such as juices or smoothies, making it an easy, and palatable solution. Lactation is formulated with Fennel Seed, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle to help boost milk production.

3 - LactationI received a sample of Lactation to try out as I am a nursing mom. I decided to mix it with plain filtered water since its berry flavored and was honestly surprised at how good it tasted! It tastes almost like flavored water or a lighter version of koolaid. I decided to use it for a couple of days in a row to see if I could notice a boost in my supply which I did. I was able to pump about an ounce more out of each side.

Tomorrow, July 15, they will have rolled out the products in 2,300 CVS stores but if you don’t have one near you, you can grab a box from, Target, BuyBuy Baby, or Amazon. These would make perfect gifts for the new or expecting mama so check them out!