Preserve Your Memories with timeshel

preserve your memories
Being a photographer, I am absolutely terrible at not only taking photos of my own family but also not printing photos too. Though digital technology has come a long way and you can now store hundreds of thousands of photos on a hard drive, its still not a guarantee that something won’t happen to them. Your hard drive could crash at any moment and if you don’t have them backed up somewhere else, they’re gone forever.

If you are terrible at remembering to print your photos or you take all your photos with your phone like me, then timeshel is the perfect way for you to change this. timeshel(yes, with a lowercase t!) is a super simple iPhone app that turns your mobile photos into beautiful prints and delivers them each month. Their prints come in two sizes, square which are perfect for your instagram photos, and rectangles for normal photos.

Depending on which option you choose monthly, all you have to do is add 10 or 30 photos to the app by the end of the month and their company will automatically print and ship them straight to you. Once the first rolls around, your new month will start!

timeshelPIN IT!Its so simple and easy that I decided to give it a try. I added my photos in a matter of minutes and received the photos promptly. As I mentioned before, I am a photographer so I was curious to see how the colors of the photos would turn out. Much to my amazement that came out true to the original photo!

It is so important to make sure that you not only digitally save photos but that you also print them to preserve your memories. So if you’re interested in checking out timeshel for yourself, you can do so here. Also, if you use the promo code MDVCX you may receive a surprise!

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  • Amy Ditmore

    This would be amazing. Before digital cameras I used to develop my film and had lots of prints, now I rarely ever actually get my pictures printed or developed. I really, really need to.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I HAVE CAME ACROSS ANOTHER SERVICE LIKE THIS AND IT”S A GREAT IDEA. I always order prints at the end of the year for every special event of our family. I have tons of photos albums at home! Prints will always be there but digital can be lost.

  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I haven’t printed out a picture in many years, but I love the idea of this. I think I need to take it old school and print some of my pictures out.

  • BellaVidaLetty

    I try to print out photos every so often. I have a big batch of vacation photos I need to go through soon.

  • sojourner

    Love the chain of photos! I need to liberate my pictures from my hard drive!

  • Liz Mays

    What a cool system! I used to love scrapbooking so I’d definitely be into this.

  • Dara

    As a part of my new years resolutions I made it a point to get a better camera to start taking pictures of my little’s. So far, I have taken the photos, but haven’t had them printed yet. /: I suck. I do have a photo chain by my front door however I made with a teal yarn and clothes pins that I adore! everyone loves it and it was so simple and easy to display photos and the kids art work! love this post! Thanks!

  • heather

    I have photos practically every where in cloud drives, but the real important ones areon a terabyte drive in my safe.

  • David (@FromTexasToBeyond)

    timeshel is an interesting service… Do you always edit your photos on the phone, and then upload from the phone? Or can you upload photos from your laptop instead?

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I am not a photographer, but I love taking photos and I usually store them in my hard drive. having them printed is an awesome idea.

  • AngiE

    What a GREAT idea! How is the pricing? I’m always beating myself up that I’m behind on my albums and am terrified I will lose all my digitals!

  • Sicorra@NotNowMomsBusy

    That is a really smart idea, esp if you want to share your photos with parents or grandparents who do not use a computer.

  • jeanine

    I haven’t heard of this before. Sounds great I dont often print photos but I should I have SOOOOO many.

  • Michele

    My niece is with a service like this–it might even be the same one–all I know is my Mom happily receives a booklet of photos of her great grand daughter every single month.

  • Michelle Hwee

    I love this idea! Definitely is something new! Going to try it out, thank you!!

  • Jacob Fu

    I’ve been meaning to check out timeshel! We take tons of photos but we never print them out either.

  • Susan Quackenbush

    This looks incredible, definitely something I need! Thank you for sharing this great software! 🙂

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is an awesome app indeed and I am so going to be checking this out for sure. I keep all my photos on my phone so this is definitely something I need to have for my photos so I don’t loose the memories. I love that they send the prints every month which sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing,

  • melodi steinberg

    This sounds like an invaluable tool. I am definitely going to be checking this out.

  • Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    I literally spent hours yesterday organizing my online folders of pictures I’ve taken, and done nothing with! Awesome idea!

  • Anna

    I’m actually very intrigued, I forget to print the photos and never end up getting to it, before you know it I have thousands of photos added up and going through it all just seems like a headache! It would be very nice if someone else took care of it for me! I’ve saved the link to sign up for it later, I would like to compare the pricing to the local print shop in my area first.

  • tanya

    I should remember to print my favorite digital pics. I’m so terrible with my laptops and iPhone, I keep accidentally losing or deleting them. I’ve lost thousands of travel photos switching laptops or even just misunderstanding what photo stream is all about!

  • Wendy

    I miss having prints! I also know someone who loves to scrapebook. She would love this service! I will have to tell her.

  • Tonya C

    That is such a clever app. I admit I too am guilty of NOT printing my photos anymore. This would be great.

  • Krystal

    I need to get better about printing out my photos. I think this is a great idea for my family photos!

  • M from The Stay-at-Home Life

    I always forget to print pics. This would help

  • John Lopez

    This is a great idea, I love taking pictures but I don’t often prints I save only into my flash drive thank you for this idea

  • Franc Ramon

    I got a lot of photos that was corrupted in my hard drive and I lost them. It’s really nice to print some of your memories and this would be a good service for that.

  • lauriel

    So cute! I agree that we often don’t take advantage of making physical versions of our digital photos, which we really should do. This is a great way to do so, and easily create cute, personalized home decor! <3

    lauriel of

  • Ashley

    This is too cool! I’m SO guilty of never printing photos, but actually I did last night for the first time in YEARS. Timeshel would totally make it easier for me to keep up!