Project Repat: An Easy Way to Preserve Your Memories

Evan is almost 6 years old, I know, I might cry, and I have held onto 20 or so outfits of his from when he was a baby. He loves blankets so my plan was eventually to have them made into a baby blanket so that he and I could have them forever. So when I was approached by Project Repat to have a free t-shirt quilt made in exchange for an honest review so of course I agreed!

When co-founder Ross Lohr was in East Africa doing nonprofit education work he noticed all the shirts that had been shipped overseas that had originated in other countries. He then decided to take these shirts and turn them into repurposed products such as bags. Though people loved them, it wasn’t enough to buy them. However after many people kept request t-shirt quilts and this is when Project Repat was born. To repat-riate something means to return a product back to its country of origin so Project Repat decided to do just this in the United States by offering new textile jobs for creating these t-shirt quilts.

The process was pretty simple and easy. I chose a blanket size and paid for it and the return shipping at first. From there they sent me instructions on how and where to mail the items. I waited a couple of weeks, received an email stating that they received my clothing, when it was completed, the total(if i had any overage charges due to the clothing not being the right size), and when my quilt shipped.

After a week of it being shipped, I received my blanket. Since I did have an outfit that was too small, they did a great job in choosing a nice green color to go with it to fill in the space.

Repat Quilt

What I loved?

-the blanket was sewn very nicely with all edges rounded and no stray strings

-the fleece was clean and didn’t look like it had rolled around in a factory somewhere

-all of my outfits were used as promised

What I didn’t particularly like?

-2 of the outfits were sewn in the middle of the lettering instead of just being cut and added to fabric like my small outfit

-1 other outfit was sewn on crooked

t-shirt quilt t-shirt quiltt-shirt quilt

The cons weren’t enough for me to not purchase a blanket from them later down the road as I’m sure this must have been a baby outfit issue(disregarding the crooked one). Overall I think Project Repat is a great company to work with and very easy to use. I would trust them again with my t-shirts for another quilt and believe they are doing great things. If you’re interested in having your own t-shirt quilt made you can check them out here: