Realistic Fitness Goals for the New Year

The New Year is right around the corner and the “new year, new me” craze will begin. Many people will feel pressured to fit an image of what they think they should do to reach their goals but ultimately, that typically leads to failure. This new year instead of striving perfection, why not try to set realistic fitness goals you can achieve.

Get Dressed for Your Work Out

I know you’re probably thinking, what? This may sound crazy, but I’ve found simply getting dressed for the gym makes me more willing to go. The cuter my gym outfit is, the less likely I am to “waste it” by not showing it off at the gym. I’m a fan of bright colors so I love pairing my Solar Yellow NMD Racer Primeknit shoes with my black essentials tank or REFIT gear. I know that sounds so silly, but it works!

Simple Exercise Additions

Exercise is super important for anyone trying to reach their fitness goals and get healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to start off fierce. Instead of going balls to the wall, consider starting with something simple. If you’re currently sedentary, why not simply walk every day? This can be during your break at work, after dinner, any time you can fit it in.

Already hit the gym once or twice a week? Aim to go three times a week and add something different to your routine. For instance, if you’re a cardio bunny, add in weightlifting on your additional visit and vice versa.

Also, short-term fitness goals are where it’s at. Make a list of realistic short-term fitness goals that you want to accomplish this year. A few example goals might be:

  • Walk a mile without stopping at the end of 30 days
  • Get to 5,000 steps on a daily basis
  • Try a new class at your gym

Don’t Cut Sugar, Lessen It

Sugar is in everything we eat, unfortunately. Cutting sugar out of your diet cold turkey is so incredibly hard. Instead, set a realistic fitness goal of simply lessening your sugar intake. I love ice cream and eat most nights before I go to bed. An easy goal for me would be switching to a protein ice cream and/or cutting back on how many times I consume ice cream a week. You don’t want to see me without my sugar, it’s not pretty. Haha!

Drink More Water

When someone thinks of fitness goals for the New Year, they may be considering running a marathon. However, something as simple as drinking more water is more realistic. Drinking water is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. It flushes toxins, keeps you hydrated, as well as aids in weight loss.  Even if you don’t think you’re doing anything that’s healthy for yourself, it’s making a good impact on your body, by drinking water.

Love Yourself

One of the biggest battles someone has when it comes to fitness is self-love. Fitness is every part physical as it is mental. You need to learn to love the body you’re in so that you can push to achieve your fitness goals. Once you have a strong self-love for yourself, you will only want the best for your body and mind. You can rid the negativity out of your life and focus more on obtaining your goals and more!