Ten Ways to Reverse a Toddler Tantrum

toddler tantrumPIN IT!If your toddler is having a tantrum you can’t get to end, instead of crying with them, you want to help. So, how do you stop a toddler tantrum? Here are ten ways to reverse your toddler’s tantrum and put a smile on that cute little face.

1. Figure out the Why Behind the Tantrum

Many times, figuring out the why and solving it is enough in itself. Toddlers are in the transitional phase between crying for all of their needs and learning to communicate them into words. They also may have a fit when tired or hungry. But just about anything can trigger a growing brain to burst into an episode. So, be observant for the best results.

2. Communication is Key

Sometimes, it’s as simple as the toddler not being able to communicate exactly what they are trying to say. To solve this problem and reverse a toddler tantrum, ask questions that align with how your toddler is reacting. If you can’t figure it out, move on to another method.

3. Distraction is Your Best Friend

Distraction is a great way to get your toddler out of a funk and reverse that tantrum right away. Find something unfamiliar that they can interact with. Silliness is also good for creating a distraction. They’ll often be laughing and playing in no time, forgetting the original upset.

4. Keep an Emergency Toy Stash

Have a few toys stashed away that you know that your toddler prefers to play with, as well as a few new ones. It’s good to have a selection since the same toy won’t always work. Rotating the stash with those in the regular toy box also works.

5. Imitation Can Save the Day

While it may appear mean, imitating your toddler’s tantrum can sometimes make them laugh. It’s also a good learning experience to realize how ridiculous they look.

6. Dance the Tears Away

Play some of your toddler’s favorite music, while you dance and sing along. Many times, the familiar melody and lyrics will be enough to turn your toddler’s cries into laughs.

7. Familiarity Can Ease Fears or Pains

Familiarity is a powerful tool in creating calmness and can help you reverse your toddler’s tantrum. This may include the use of comfort blankets or a favorite toy. Going home can help if you’re out and about.

8. Extra Attention May be Necessary

Your toddler may just need more focused attention and to spend more time with you. You can reverse a toddler tantrum by creating more fun moments together. This can be as easy as reading an engaging book or busting out hungry hungry hippos.

9. Ignorance is Bliss?

If you have tried to solve the tantrum with the above methods, try ignoring it. Make it clear to your toddler that more fun things are going on. Say things like “this toy is so much fun” and not giving attention to the tantrum. This may reverse a toddler tantrum quickly.

10. A Moment of Reflection

A timeout can be given if the toddler is misbehaving, rather than having an unmet need. Be sure that the timeout spot isn’t their room. You don’t want your toddler to associate their room as a negative space. Just be sure your toddler needs a timeout and not something else.

  • Sue Reddel

    These are some terrific tantrum stopping tips Jess! As an Aunt to a two-year-old, I really learned a lot and will definitely be implementing these on my next visit. Thanks!