Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie Easter EggsPIN IT!

Rice krispie treats are good no matter what time of year it is. With spring and specifically Easter being right around the corner, what better snack is there than rice krispie Easter eggs? These sweet treats are easy to whip up and the kiddos can join in the fun without too much of a mess.

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie Easter EggsPIN IT!Ingredients

3 separate mixing bowls

3 tablespoons butter

4.5 cups mini marshmallows

4.5 cups rice cereal

Red gel food coloring

Yellow gel food coloring

Purple gel food coloring

Rice Krispie Easter EggsPIN IT!Directions

1. You will be making this recipe in separate batches so make sure you prepare three different bowls for each color. Each batch will require 1 tbsp butter, 1.5 cups mini marshmallows, and 1.5 cups rice cereal, plus one of the food coloring gels. Of course, you can use more marshmallows if you prefer as I personally love a heavy marshmallowy treat.

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

3. In a small pot on medium heat, melt butter and marshmallows together.

4. Once melted, pour into a bowl. Add food coloring and mix.

5. Add rice cereal and fold until cereal is well-coated with the marshmallow mixture. Be careful not to push too hard and crush the cereal.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the 2 other colors. Grab about 1-2 tbsp of each colored cereal treat mixture in your hand and form into an egg shape (feel free to mix the colors – that’s the fun in it!).  You can even use a plastic Easter egg to help shape the treat if you need to but make sure you line with butter or spray for easy release.

7. Place on lined baking sheet. Allow to cool completely before serving. Enjoy!

These rice krispie Easter eggs are the perfect treats to whip together at the last minute for any Easter celebration. You could even add a little surprise in them but be careful when letting little kids eat them without a warning.

Rice Krispie Easter EggsPIN IT!


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