Riding the Fence on Vaccinations


vaccinationsPIN IT!I’m a believer in many things with science being one of them. I went to school for two years for a science degree and now I’m taking biology classes for fun pretty much. The vaccine argument is one that I always take time to read about on both sides and I’m always on the fence. I don’t believe everything on either side. With Evan, I had no problem having him vaccinated as I was vaccinated and thought it was absolutely ridiculous that his father wanted to delay his vaccination schedule. I eventually agreed and we spread out his vaccinations though 2-3 years instead of so many in the first year. Now that quite some time has passed and I have gained some knowledge on both sides I feel differently.

Science has paved the way to everything in our lives so why would I stop trusting it now? Vaccinations were created to cure potentially deadly diseases and other ailments in which it succeeded greatly in helping to eradicate these diseases but now I think vaccines have gone a bit overboard. Every person is exposed to different things in their environment and react different ways to vaccines and medications. I do believe that vaccines have been tested numerous times for their safety. At the same time though, I also believe there are negative side effects to the vaccines that happen so rarely that they just added a tiny warning label or have hidden them due to the low rate of those who were affected by the vaccination.

The thought of pricking my newborn with multiple needles as soon as he is born makes me shudder. Why would anyone want to inject a virus (dead or not) into a child with really no immune system yet? Not to mention all of the “inactive” ingredients that are in vaccines such as aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury. This just blows my mind. I’m not saying that my second son will never be vaccinated but I am saying I will investigate every vaccine that I consider giving him.

Which side of the fence are you riding? Why?

  • Fifa

    I think I should give it a shot/go!