Rimini, a Culture Filled Destination In Italy

riminiWhen you think about Rimini, you might think of its center or of its amazing beach. However, Rimini is much more than meets the eye and has hidden parts that can surprise you. I visited Rimini with my husband’s family last year and I discovered more than I could imagine.

Famous Artists

I discovered the beautiful countryside near Rimini that is full of tradition, culture, excellent food, and easy access even with your bicycle. Rimini gave birth to many famous people that gave an important heritage to the area. One particular person is Tonino Guerra, a poet and movie director with international fame. This artist dedicated his life to many artistic disciplines like ceramics, painting, and architecture as well as participated in designing and building fountains, gardens, and cities-decorations. In Rimini and surrounding territory, you can find many works of Tonino Guerra.

Another person that gave an important contribution to the city is Federico Fellini, born in Rimini in 1920. He has also been an important movie director known worldwide. “Amarcord” is probably the most famous movie made from Fellini, with the help of his friend, Tonino Guerra. The movie shows all the traditions of Rimini, the dialect, the street, the people and others aspect that show the deep love that Fellini had for his city.

Rimini Architecture

The Valle del Conca is a region that has a very ancient history connected with an important Italian family, the Malatesta, that ruled the area for several centuries. If you visit this area you will appreciate the Montegridolfo Castle, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved castles in Italy, formed by a village with ancient square, small street, churches and many others things that reveal the magic history of this place. Another beautiful and massive castle located in Montefiore is one of the most famous symbols of the Malatesta family. The castle is located on a hill where you can contemplate a breathtaking view down to the coastline. San Giovanni in Marignano, Saludecio, Mondaino, San Clemente, Coriano, Montecolombo, and Montescudo are also beautiful villages where you can discover the history and tradition of this area.

In other valleys like Valle del Marecchia, there are many ancient little villages with an important inheritance. In Poggio Berni, you will see well preserved aristocratic palaces. If you want to go back in the history even more then don’t forget to visit also Verucchio, a little village in a strategic position between the hills and the beach. The origin of this place is very ancient, in fact, Verucchio is where more than 600 Villanovan civility tombs of the X and VII century B.C. were found.

So next time that you visit Rimini take some time to not only sun bathe on the beautiful beach but also go inland to explore all the beautiful architecture and culture it has to offer.