Road Trip Essentials for Preteens

Road Trip Necessities for PreteensPIN IT!Going on a road trip is definitely one of my favorite past times as you all may know. The open air, screaming children, what more could you ask for? Now that I have an upcoming preteen, entertaining him on a road trip has become more difficult. That’s why I decided to share my road trip essentials for preteens.


Now that your preteen is a fairly fluid reader, Audible is a life saver. You won’t have to carry a ton of books with you in the car when everyone can listen to the story instead. Audible is known for having the largest audiobook library with the most exclusive content. For a low monthly fee, you can sign up to be an Audible Listener and immerse yourself into any story. Audiobooks offer a unique experience that will be sure to hook you at first listen. I remember the first time I tried

Audiobooks offer a unique experience that will be sure to hook you at first listen. I remember the first time I tried Audible I was working in an office. We were able to listen to music but I had become bored with it and needed something new. A friend suggested I try Audible and I couldn’t stop listening to all the books I wanted to read but didn’t have time for.

Being an Audible Listener also gives you book credits. So while your little one listens on your road trip, they’ll be racking up the credits for future books. If you want to give Audible a try before committing, no problem. You can go here to register for a free 1-month trial and a free book download of your choice.

Road Trip Necessities for PreteensPIN IT!Stops at IHOP

After learning from all the mistakes you can make on a road trip, stopping for a grub is a must. IHOP offers breakfast all day long as well as other lunch and dinner entrees. For 59 years, guests have visited IHOP for their Original Buttermilk Pancakes. Pairing pancakes with crispy hash browns, bacon, sausage, and eggs any ways you want them, it’s the perfect answer to hungry preteen tummies.

IHOP restaurants are located all over the country and open 24 hours, 7 days a week. With their constant specials, you can sign up online here, there’s usually a delicious meal on a deal waiting for you.

T-Rex® Tape

Step aside duck tape, a new super durable tape is in town. T-Rex tape is strong tape consisting of three different layers. Layers of thick, polyethylene skin with heavy threading, and finished with a co-extrusion layer. With all these layers, T-Rex tape is sun, weather, and water resistant tape that handle the worse of situations.

Road Trip Necessities for PreteensT-Rex Tape is great for simple fixes to tough projects or for preteens, making wallets. Since T-Rex tape works longer and holds stronger than other utility tapes, your preteen can craft their very own tape walletPIN IT! while on a road trip. They can make it as flowery or sports filled as they’d like. You could also teach them about money along the way.

Chops Snacks Jerky

After grabbing some grub at IHOP, your preteen may need a snack along the way. Chops Snacks Jerky is the perfect snack to keep them going until the next stop. Boasting with 9 grams of protein per serving, Chops Snacks Jerky is sure to fill your preteen’s tummy. You can even snag 20% off your first order using the code “5CHN79Z7Q1BE“.

Road Trip Necessities for PreteensPIN IT!Chops Snacks Jerky use USDA Choice and Select beef brisket to create their jerky. I am not huge on jerky but after trying it out for my self, the taste and tenderness were like any other jerky I’ve had before. Containing no preservatives, nitrites, or MSG, it’s no wonder the flavor was as rich as it is. Hand crafted and marinated overnight, your preteen will be sure to thank you.Cube-tastic! 3×3 Puzzle Cub

Cube-tastic! 3×3 Puzzle Cube

Eventually your preteen will grow bored listening to audiobooks that they will need something hands down to distract them next. Grab your phone and set it up to play with a Cube-tastic! 3×3 Puzzle Cube. Cube-tastic! is a STEM puzzle with a modern twist. The puzzle cube is like a toy Rubiks Cube that your app scans and creates an identical virtual copy of.

Road Trip Necessities for PreteensPIN IT!Your preteen can follow a step-by-step tutorial to solve the cube and do it as many times as they’d like. The best part of the cube is that it stimulates young minds by enhancing their problem-solving skills, improving memory, and further developing their hand-eye coordination. The cube is also non-toxic and BPA free so you should have no concerns about the safety of the toy.

Grab a sweet 15% off your order when you use the code “CUBETRIP” at their website here.