Rockin’ Refuel Review

rockin refuel review

One day while I was walking around Target, I headed over to the dairy section to find my good ole soy milk and saw the individual bottles of chocolate milk. I decided it sounded delicious so I opened up the door and started examining the brands looking for a Shamrock Farms bottle. Well while I was checking them out I noticed this new bottle I had never seen before call Rockin’ Refuel. After reading the label I realized that they were protein filled chocolate milks and decided I had to give them a shot. I have also been a believer in drinking chocolate milk in general to help rehydrate my body after a work out for years now so I figured what could it hurt? I grabbed one of the intense recovery and one of the muscle recovery bottles and headed home.

A couple of days later after I finished a run I decided to try one out and see how they tasted. I went with the intense recovery first to and I was blown away by the first sip, it was amazingly delicious! Here I was expecting a protein tasting chocolate milk but instead it tasted just chocolate milk and maybe even the best I’ve ever had. All it took was that first sip to have me hooked and sold to the product.

Since my bottle,  I have used Rockin’ Refuel as my post workout drink as well as my breakfast occasionally. I have also taken the liberty to share it with a couple of friends and the boyfriend who also now in love with it. I highly recommend giving it a shot and if your child is not a big eater like mine then its a great way to add a little extra to their diet without out them knowing that its not real chocolate milk!