Silly Mountain Park Trails

silly mountainE, my 6 year old, was out of school for the day and wanted to go on a hike with us badly. Luckily, I found Silly Mountain’s trails and decided to create a loop totaling 2.4 miles and only a 462 elevation gain which was exactly what I was looking for. Since this was going to be a fairly easy hike we only packed water bottles and headed out.

The trail is fairly steep in the elevation gain but that was no challenge for my energy ridden 6 year old so he lightly ran up the trail without a hitch. Once you reach the top you can climb even higher on a smaller trail.  This part of the trail leads you up to the very highest point of Silly Mountain but it was a little tricky to climb with littles. The view at the top was very pretty and looked out over Apache Junction as well as the Lost Dutchman which is nice.

When we started heading back down and around on our loop, the trail did become a little boring. There wasn’t much to look at other than some backyards of houses and anyone on the same trail as us.

silly mountain


Coming back down there is a small botanical garden loop one could do if they didn’t want to hike. However, be careful not to veer off the trail if you can help it. My sister got plenty of cacti needles in her shoes doing so.

Overall this was a quick and easy trail to hike even though it did become a little boring, I think its not bad if you head up to the top and then make your way back down versus looping around the mountain. There are several different trail options so maybe some of the others are better or more visually stimulating?