Sloth Gift Guide

Every year my Christmas wish list has one ore more sloth items on it. I can’t help it. I’m an adult but I love sloths and I’m not if it will ever change. People often ask me where I find all of the sloth items I own so I decided to create the one and only sloth gift guide for all my fellow lovers out there.

Lucky Little Sloth Gifting Token

This is a resin sloth charm in paper box with the story of the lucky slot inside. You can find this little guy at Francesca’s Boutique.

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Sloth Onesie

Shut up and take my money! What girl isn’t a sucker for onesies?! Now a sloth version is all you need to take it to the next level. You can grab this onesie on Amazon here.

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Sloth Rings

What’s cuter than an actual sloth? Sloth rings are what! Having your own personal little sloth clinging to your hand all day is the best. This adorable ring can found on Etsy here.

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Sloth Trinket Dish

Where else are you suppose to put all of your sloth rings other than in a sloth trinket dish? You can find this dish here at Francesca’s.

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Sloth Wine Glass

You know you’re all going to be downing some holiday cocktails or in my case, mocktails. Why not do it in sloth style? Grab this let’s get slothed wine glass on Amazon.

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Sloth Coloring Book

That’s right. There are tons of adult coloring books out there and I found a sloth one! You can snag it and coloring utensils on Amazon here.

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Sloth Phone Ring

Since pop’ems or whatever they’re called are so popular now, why not throw a sloth version on your phone. This particular phone ring not only wraps around your finger to stop you from breaking your face but it also serves as a little kickstand for your phone. You can get your hands on this sloth phone ring at Francesca’s as well.

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