datingPIN IT!You know I honestly dated quite a few people after my divorce looking for someone worth keeping around. No one was really standing out but hey, I had to keep searching. One night I met up with a guy named David at a tepanyaki restaurant. I went to the wrong address and ended up late for our date. I felt terrible and was hoping he wouldn’t hold it against me. When I first walked in I saw his big smile from across the room and made my way over. The date went well and we talked a lot, so much so that we closed down the restaurant. I left that night with a hug goodbye and with the impression that he was really nice but not sure how interested.

A few days passed and I finally got a text from him. At this point I thought he had lost interest so it caught me off guard when I finally heard from him. I agreed to another date in a more playful manner at Dave & Busters. I knew that I could kick his ass at most of the games there so the night would be entertaining because well, guys hate losing but when its a girl its obviously more attractive.

Needless to say the date went wonderfully and many dates have come and gone since then. It has now been 1.5 years and David has become the love of my life. I’ve never had such a loving man in my life before that made things so easy and simple. Don’t get me wrong, its not always easy and we do butt heads but in the end, its what makes me know that we will last.

On July 12th, David asked me to marry him and spend the rest of our lives together. Of course I said yes! So even though life sometimes does deal you really, really shitty cards, eventually, for what seems like an eternity, life gives you a good hand as well. I’m so thankful to have such a strong, dedicated man in my life and can’t wait until the day we make that vow in front of all of loved ones.