Up & Coming Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion TrendsPIN IT!

It is cold, very cold. But, despite that, my thoughts are already turning to spring fashion. I like to look ahead and prepare for the next season, as early as possible.

Metallic footwear

One trend that looks set to continue from the winter into the spring is metallics. If you take a look at the Fashion World site you will see that they are already starting to stock shiny silver, slingbacks, peep toes and sandals. This is great because this style of shoe is very versatile. They look just as good worn with a maxi dress as they do with cropped jeans or a short skirt.

Neutral Tones

For the first time in a while, muted tones are coming back into fashion. In particular, neutral earthy tones, anything in sand, tan, cream or khaki is set to be popular for spring 2019.

Something a little brighter

If earthy tones are not for you, do not worry because there are some brighter options available. Golden yellows are also set to be widely available.

Polka dots are back

It has been a while, but polka dots are back in fashion again. This year, the dots are quite big and most designers have found ways to freshen up this classic pattern. This article will help you to make this look work for you.

Classic 80’s cuts

There is still something of an 80s fashion vibe going on. But, it is the classic cuts that are set to be the most popular. Think long trench coats, blazers, and maxi dresses.

Netting and feathers

If you are looking for something a little different, keep an eye out for dresses that feature interesting embellishments like feathers. You may also like the multi-layered net style dresses and tops.

Biker shorts

This year, a lot of designers have dressed their catwalk models in biker shorts. They actually look great and are surprisingly versatile, so this is a look that is well worth trying out yourself. A lot of designers have paired them with highly tailored tops and jackets. It sounds like that would not work, but it really does.

Loose and comfortable

If you like looser clothes you might want to try out the hippy chick look. Tie-dyed tops are set to be especially big, this spring.

The utility wear vibe

For the past few years, jumpsuits have been widely available. This is set to continue to be the case. But, the cuts will be baggier and most will be belted. You will also see plenty of stylized cargo pants out there. They are a great option for the spring. They fully cover your legs, which is what you need in the mornings when it is usually a bit cold. But, they are loose enough to keep you cool as the day warms up.

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