Starting My Birth Plan

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So my wonderful fiance has been doing his daddy reading and told me that we should start making a birth plan. Obviously I’ve been working on one but it was absolutely the sweetest thing that he brought it up. I know birth plans don’t always go the way you want them to but if I’m able to have a successful VBAC these are my hopes. If it comes down to a caesarian then I guess we will take another route.



– I prefer a private room in the hospital

– I would like to give birth in the hospital

– I would like to have subdued lighting if possible


– I only want my partner, doctors, nurses and midwives in the room

– I would like my partner or companion(s) to be with me during labor

– My family and children can visit me in the hospital

Photos & videos

– I would like to have pictures or videos taken during every stage of labor and birth


– If necessary, I am ok with my waters being broken to induce labor but I would like to try natural methods first

Pain Relief

– If possible, I would like to start with just pain meds and if needed move to an epidural

Tearing & Episiotomy

– I would like to avoid any episiotomy, unless it is an emergency

During Labor

– I would like to be able to move or walk around freely

– I would like to be free to eat and drink when I want to

– I would like to try various birthing positions

– I would like to use spontaneous bearing down and not forced pushing

– Please remind me to drink regularly and use the bathroom

Caesarean Birth

– Do not perform a hysterectomy, unless it is the only option to save my life

– I would like my partner or companion to be with me if I have a cesarean birth

– I would like the baby to be given to my partner immediately after delivery

– If an emergency cesarean is required, I would like to stay awake

– If possible, I would like to avoid a cesarean birth


– I would like to push when I feel like doing it rather than being told when to push

Birthing Equipment

– I plan to use a labor ball

After Delivery

– If possible, I do not want to be separated from my baby after delivery

– My partner will stay with our baby if there is an emergency

– We would like to have skin-to-skin contact and time to bond with the baby as soon as possible after delivery

– We would not like any Vitamin K to be given to our baby, unless our baby is born by cesarean

Umbilical Cord

– I don’t want the umbilical cord to be cut immediately, but want to wait until it stops pulsating, so that the baby gets all the remaining cord blood

– I would like my partner to cut the umbilical cord


– I would like to breastfeed my baby as soon as possible after birth


  • David Ryan

    Me too. I prefer hospital birth than home birth.