Stop Wasting Money on High Thread Count Sheets!

I am a big a fan of comfy, high thread count, soft sheets. There is just something about sliding into bed and feeling the softness against your body that makes you want to fall asleep. I have always spent $100+ on high thread count sheets because they are the only sheets that have been super soft.

microfiber sheetsAbout a month ago, I noticed two small holes in our sheets and within days those little holes became huge then before I knew it, I was tearing the sheets in my sleep with my feet. Obviously this meant we needed new sheets but this time, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them. I wanted a cheap and quick fix so I went to Target to get in my daily dose and found a set of Microfiber sheets for $25. They actually felt really soft so I decided to give them a try. Now one of the problems I have with buying sheets is that we have a pillow top mattress and a quilt protector on top of that so most sheets don’t fit our mattress so I was a little worried on how these would fit.

Fast forward a week later. I received a set of $100 Yorkshire Mayfair microfiber sheets to review in exchange for an honest review so this was the perfect time to put the two sheet sets to the test. Here is how they both faired:

$25 Target Sheets $100 Yorkshire Mayfair Sheets
Fit the Bed Correctly? Yes Yes
Slide Around At All? No Yes
Get Softer After Washing? Yes Yes
Overall Feel? Super soft! Felt Cheaply Made
Elastic Band Quality? Good Poor
Would Buy Again? Yes No

Overall the Target sheets blew the $100Yorkshire Mayfair sheet set out of the water. The more expensive set felt cheaply made and almost like hospital type bedding. They also bunched up and came off of the mattress every night so we were constantly fixing them. Though I had high hopes for these sheets, they didn’t add up to all I needed. Feel free to check out both sheet sets and put them to the test as well here: