How to Store Baby Items in Between Kids

Store Baby ItemsPIN IT!

Baby items are expensive, which is why you don’t want to get rid of them whenever you’re done using them for the time being. If you plan on having more kids, you will want to store those baby items in between kids. If space is tight or you just don’t want to look at them for the next year or two, then it’s time to find some space to store baby items!

Store baby clothes in clear bins

Those baby clothes that you don’t want to get rid of just yet, can easily be stored in clear totes. Label the clear totes by size, gender, and season! When it comes time to use these baby clothes again, you’ll be glad you stayed so organized in the meantime. I have done this with EVERY child and have never regretted it.

Look for space in your attic

While some people don’t have basements, most people do have an attic. When you have baby items to store in between kids, it’s time to look for space in your attic. While an attic may be sort of creepy, it does give prime space for baby items storage.

Take apart furniture and store it

It can be frustrating to look at a crib that’s put together, yet you don’t plan on using right now. Take apart that furniture and store it in the basement, attic, or garage. Instead of allowing it to take up space, it really is worth taking it apart and storing it. You will have space for other stuff in the meantime! Before putting the crib together for your next child, make sure it meets safety requirements.

Let a trusted friend borrow them

Usually, after you start having babies, someone else you know will also have one! If you don’t plan on having another baby anytime soon, why not let a friend borrow your baby items? Bigger baby items can be hard to store, which is why allowing someone else to borrow them while you don’t need it, is a good idea. Make sure you know you’ll get your items back.

Watch out for battery operated baby toys and gadgets!

Beware of where you store items that use batteries. You don’t want the batteries to warp and erode in the toy or gadget, so don’t expose these items to excessive heat or cold. Take the batteries out before storing any baby item for a few months or years. Also, items made from wood, you’ll want to be extra careful as you don’t want the wood to warp in excessive humidity or heat.

Don’t forget about storage units

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, then this is a great place to store baby items in between kids. If not, storage units are the perfect solution. You can store the baby items in totes and stack them on shelves. If they’re bigger baby items, you can hang them from hooks on the ceiling.  Plus, it’s a great way to keep items organized without them being in your way. 

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, don’t be afraid! Many companies like US Storage Centers offer lots of information to make sure you’re getting what you need. For example, certain units from US Storage Centers come with a free move-in truck. Don’t know what size storage unit you need? No problem! They have a size guide on their site to help you out.

Hopefully, these tips help you figure out where you will store your items in between children. Do you have any tips to add?