The Stork OTC: A Less Invasive At Home TTC Aid

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the stork otcPIN IT!When I became pregnant with my first son, it was quick, easy, and honestly unplanned. After a couple times of unprotected sex, Little E was conceived. I had a normal pregnancy with no complications and he was born via c-section. The second time around, my husband and I worked at conceiving our second son but didn’t put a lot of pressure on it. We figured if it happens then it will happen. We knew we wanted a baby but we weren’t going to anxiously rush the process.

The TTC Wait

After 6 months of unprotected sex we decided to stop trying and to wait it out. Clearly it wasn’t the right time for us since it wasn’t happening. We weren’t heart broken, it just was what it was. We decided this 2 weeks after I had surgery to remove a tumor growing in my abdomen. Then 2 weeks after our decision, I grew a little suspicious of how my body was acting. I was craving deli sandwiches and cheeseburgers which is not something I have ever done in my life. Tacos sure but cheeseburgers? Now that’s weird.

As my suspicions grew I told my husband that I thought I might be pregnant. He panicked a little as the thought of having a baby could really finally be real. We picked up a pregnancy test that night and I had it all set up to take the next morning since I know that’s when your hCG levels are the highest. Sure enough the morning came and there it was, all capital letters flashing “PREGNANT” at me. I was excited and nervous and my husband freaked but we were finally pregnant.

With Baby M, my labor wasn’t bad but the delivery was the worst. It was pretty traumatic for me and honestly gives me anxiety thinking about having another child. You can read more about Baby M’s birth story here but in short, there were slight complications and my next child will have to be born via a 3rd c-section as well.

Party of Five

Now that Baby M is coming up on his 2nd birthday, my husband and I decided to start trying for a third baby. He’s always wanted a mini sports team of children while I’ve always been the one to shy away from the idea. I was the oldest of many children and I know the hell we caused our parents growing up. I don’t want that sort of torture for myself. I can only imagine it would be karma knocking hard at my door!

Though we are a little nervous about my previous complications, we are ready for our third little one to come into the world. We have been trying for a couple of months now but with no success yet. Previously we assumed my tumor may have been part of the problem but now with months of tracking my cycles, we are beginning to think maybe it wasn’t.

Exploring Other Options

the stork otcOther than ovulation tests, there aren’t very many over the counter options out there for those of us who are trying to conceive. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks of how to lay, eat, sleep, everything but nothing has been a viable option thus far. Then recently I found out from a little birdie about a less invasive at home TTC aid called the Stork OTCPIN IT!.

The Stork OTC is an FDA cleared medical device you use at home to help aid in conceiving without the use of doctors. Not only is it a low cost alternative to more invasive treatments, you can purchase the Stork OTC at a CVS near you without a prescription. They are in the contraceptive aisle or “family planning” aisle and I found mine situated next to pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, and ovulation tests.

the stork otcPIN IT!Trying to conceive without results is stressful enough so having the ability to use a simple device comfortably at home is an option I love. It is suggested to use the device when you’re ovulating which will place a cervical cap of sperm against your cervix. This gives sperms longer exposure to the cervical mucus and helps prevent back flow into the vagina. Using this cervical cap insemination method has shown a pregnancy success rate of up to 20% which is comparable to the IUI success rate of 16-21%.

You may be wondering how this device works and though I could try to explain, I think this video sums it up the best.

Now that you’ve got an idea as to how the Stock OTC works and what it can offer you, feel free to join us for a Twitter Party! On September 28th I, as well as a few other panelist, will be discussing the Stork OTC as well as other TTC topics. If you’d like to participate all you have to do is join in at 8pm EST using the hashtag #WhyStorkOTC. There will even be some awesome prizes being given out to some lucky participants including a Stork OTC!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is so great! I think anything you can do to increase your chances of conceiving is welcome. I love that you can get this right over the counter.

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    Getting pregnant can be incredibly difficult for some people. I’m so glad that there’s another aid to help conceive that’s so easy to get. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

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    I have never heard of this brand! My husband and I are passed this point in our lives but I wish it was around when we were back trying to conceive because it took us a very long time to conceive our son

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    It can be so stressful and overwhelming when you are having difficulty having a baby so I’m thrilled there are reliable products that can help people with trying to conceive. It will be such a great resource to so many people.

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    This is absolutely great for couples that are trying to conceive and I love the fact that you can buy it over the counter!

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    I love how far technology has come to help families get started like this. Especially with out having to go to the doctors.

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    This is really wonderful. I bet it helps a lot for those that are wanting to become pregnant and may have difficulty.

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    NIce to see that we have come along way in helping people conceive. Its a tough and expensive process right now.

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    The Stork OTC sounds like a great way to help you get pregnant. I have a friend that has been trying for a year. I will have to share this with her.

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    The Stork OTC sounds like a great way to help you get pregnant. And since you can get it in the stores thats much easier then having to go to the doctor for it!

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