Super Hero 5k

What better time to have a super hero run than right before Halloween when all of the costume attire you need is readily available?! I signed up for this run months ago but had no idea what super hero I wanted to be. After my boyfriend decided to join in and we started looking, I thought it would be cute to have “matching” costumes. By matching I mean a hero and sidekick of course, I’m not going to get that cheesy. So after searching I decided I wanted to be Robin which means he was going to be Batman. I tried my best to convince my 4 year old go along as someone in the Justice League but he was stuck on his love for Spiderman.

We got to the race just before it started due to some highways being shut down. After we bibbed up we headed for the starting line. This was my son’s first 5k run to ever attempt and even though I know he hates walking let alone running, I thought I would give it a shot. I even went as far as buying him bright ass orange nike’s to get him amped up.

We started off running off and on for about 3/4ths of a mile before he was calling it quits then thankfully the boyfriend agreed to carry him on his shoulders. The remaining of the race continued on like this with bursts of running of and on when my son felt like it.

Surprisingly the run went by rather quickly and my son enjoyed playing referee with keeping us inside the clearly marked cone path. Once we were almost at the finish line we put him down and had him run excitedly across the finish line.

Overall the run was a fun one and definitely kid & dog friendly. The vendors were nice though I always wish there were more. Its nice trying out new products and seeing what’s out there and honestly I usually end up liking something so much that I started purchasing it. The “hero” cut outs were nice with super heroes as well as everyday heroes with firefighters, etc. There was a push up challenge as well for bragging rights as well. Oh and also, an awesome band!

I would definitely be willing to participate again next year and hopefully they could amp it up even more! I think better signs for where the run was and maybe hero cut outs along the way would be more entertaining for the kids! Even a hero costume contest for adults, kids, and pets would be neat too.

Oh and of course there were some awesome duo/trio costumes and so I had to attach a picture of my favorite. This family brought it as far as the baby’s ride and I give them mad props for that!

Feel free to check out other runs being held by Intense Racing this year if you feel so inclined!