Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument: Being in 4 States at Once

When I was younger the movie "A Walk to Remember" came out. I watched it, cried over, and loved it. I immediately went out and bought the book to soak up more of what Nicholas Sparks wrote in the story. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Landon decided to take Jamie out to fulfill all of her bucket list. One of the items on her list was to be in two places at once. Though simple, it was som[...]

Finding the Tastiest Breakfast in Colorado Springs

I am, hands down, a breakfast lover. I could eat breakfast any time of the day except for well, breakfast time. Who does that? Every time David and I venture out to a new city or a city we haven't been to in a while we always try to find new and interesting places to eat. Yelp is always to the rescue though I always read the comments to see how picky people are being in their reviews of the place. the[...]

Cave of the Winds – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Though I have a slight problem with claustrophobia I am still intrigued by the beauty of caves. I have underwater caves in Mexico I want to visit and many more eventually. While in Colorado Springs my boyfriend suggested we check out the Cave of the Winds. I checked out the photos online and they looked gorgeous so the next morning we loaded the car and headed up the mountains. The driveway to the cav[...]