How to Tackle Disneyland Like a Boss

We are finally back from our trip to Disneyland and though it was just for the weekend, I felt like we conquered a lot! I got heavy into my Disney investigation before we headed out because I wanted to be prepared. I got some advice from other Disney moms to things I was unfamiliar with as well. Turns out, I was able to tackle Disneyland like a boss. Road Trip in a Spacious Car Sounds like a no-brain[...]

Planning a Trip to Disneyland + Giveaway

Growing up mostly on the east coast, visiting Disney World was something I was able to do often. I went almost every year for 4-5 years in a row as a teenager. Fast forward 8 years and now I'm living on the west coast with two boys. My youngest in particular is a Disney fanatic, especially Mickey Mouse! It started not long before he turned one and has been going strong ever since. Though he has now[...]

Disneyland Guide for Families

Disneyland began as a small theme park in 1955, when Walt Disney brought his dream to life in Anaheim, California. It has since grown to comprise two parks -- Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park -- plus Downtown Disney, an entertainment, dining and shopping district. Still, it's smaller in size than Disney World in Orlando, making it a manageable option for families with little ones. Before[...]
Disney's Frozen movie review

Disney’s Frozen – Movie Review

While Christmas shopping for "Little E" I picked up a couple of Disney blu rays. One of them had a voucher for a free ticket to see Frozen so I was stoked as I had seen the trailer and thought it would be pretty cute. So all of us decided to head to the theater to check it out tonight and could get in cheaper than normal....not that we wouldn't have paid full price anyways but free doesn't hurt.[...]