Grade Potential Tutoring Costume Drive

Halloween is almost here and soon you might see a number of princesses, superheroes, silly monsters, and more walking down the street, or maybe even at your door screaming trick or treat! Your kids are probably trying to pick out the perfect bag to hold as much candy as possible while they're marching door-to-door. All the while, you are helping pick out a costume and deciding what they will dress up a[...]
keeping your home safe on halloween

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe on Halloween

We’ve all seen the halloween movies full of pranks from houses being teepeed with toilet paper to creepy murderers coming after strangers so how do you keep all of the paranoias at bay on Halloween? Here are some tips for keeping your home safe on Halloween and avoiding those creepy crawly fears. Safety with Decorations Setting up decorations can be so exciting when it comes to holidays but it[...]

All Hallow’s Eve..

...or better known as Halloween or in my book, my child fiending for a fix. This Halloween was a pretty good one compared to the last few years though it was cut short with my little one due to a schedule conflict. Anyways, a week before Halloween we were suppose to go to the pumpkin patch after the foam run we participated in. However, Evan decided that he had to have a pumpkin immediately so we gr[...]

MacDonald’s Farm Pumpkin Patch

I LOVE Halloween, its hands down one of my top 3 holidays. I know top three, lol. Since I have a lot going on right now with my husband I decided to try not to let it get to me and go out and do something with Evan. Since Halloween is this month and I just so happen to see a groupon for a pumpkin patch we decided to go and have Granny Annie tag along. (she loves when i call her that, haha) Evan was tal[...]