Free Things To Do in the Seattle Area

8 Free Things To Do in the Seattle Area For Kids

Though I love checking out all of the tourist attractions around a new location, I also love checking out the more simple and free things to do as well. So when visiting Washington I decided to dig around on google a bit until I gathered a list of free things to do in the Seattle area for kids. We decided to split them up into a couple of days so we could have time to explore everything thoroughly an[...]

Going On a Mini Train Ride in Port Orchard

There isn't a ton to do in Port Orchard, Washington so finding ways to keep 6 kids occupied can be a task. Between my friend Holli and I, the age range is from 9 months old to 7 years old so I began searching for activities that could be fun for all ages on the Fourth of July. As I was researching for hours, I stumbled upon the Kitsap Live Steamers and let me tell you, it was like finding a gold mine[...]

Exploring Pike Place Market

Everyone knows that when you're visiting Seattle, exploring Pike Place Market is a must. So naturally when we made time to hop on the ferry and make the trek across the sound. Though it is an hour ride it honestly goes by quickly. The ferry is huge and loaded with snacks and seats with tables so you can snack or get some work done. When we arrived at our destination the Seattle skyline was gorgeo[...]

Getting Bugged Out in Bremerton, WA

I have personally never been to a bug museum before so when I found this little gem I was pretty excited! I mean...my boys were really excited. The Bug Museum & Reptile Room is a colorful little building just off the highway with loads of neat bugs inside. When you first walk into the museum you are greeted with a little gift shop of fairly priced goodies and a butterfly net full of live butter[...]