The Benefits of Babywearing

benefits of babywearingWhen I first found out that I was pregnant, one of the first items I wanted to make sure I had on my registry was a baby carrier. They always looked so comfy and everyone’s babies always looked so peaceful in them so I begin my search. I was astounded at all of the different types of baby carriersPIN IT! there are out there today but I wasn’t going to let that deter me. Now that I’m on child number two and still baby wearing, I can’t be more sure in my decision. Why do I love it so much? Well let me lay out these awesome benefits of babywearing and why you consider it.


One of the most obvious benefits to baby wearing is the ease of use. I know at first they may look intimidating but once you give it a try you will realize how easy it is! Not to mention, baby slings and carriers are much more convenient than strollers and they can be taken almost anywhere. You don’t have to drag around a stroller or worry about elevators while you’re out shopping or better yet, traveling on a plane.


Babies, especially newborns, are comforted by being close to their mother’s chest so they can hear her heartbeat and feel her movements. By doing this, babies are less likely to cry and tend to be much more calm which in turn produces fewer stress hormones, making it easier for them to bond with their parents.


Carried babies not only have more advanced speech but the also score higher on mental and motor development tests. Being carried also stimulates the baby’s nervous system and encourages development of the inner ear that controls their sense of balance so that baby is able to sit, stand, and walk sooner.


Carried babies often have a better opportunity to become social just by being at eye level. Just think of how many people who stop to talk to you or even just your baby because they are up higher and easier to notice. Also, if your baby becomes uncomfortable, they can always turn and snuggle into you for comfort until they’re ready to interact again.


Just by being close you, they can learn to mimic your breathing which will help control their heart rates and keep it more regular which also helps with oxygenation and blood flow to their brains. Babies who are carried usually are better sleepers and have less of a chance of sleep apnea. Have you ever seen a baby with an extremely flat head? Well carrying your baby helps lessen the odds of developing (pagiocephaly) since they aren’t constantly being laid on a flat surface. As your baby gets older, babywearing will also help teach your baby how to use their muscles to sit, stand, and walk. 


Another advantage to babywearing is that with certain carriers like the SUKKIRi Baby Ring Sling, you’re able to feed your baby without hesitation. Your baby’s food source is right at hand so babies are able eat more often and for longer periods. Though I personally was unsuccessful at doing this for months, using the SUKKIRi baby ring sling really helped. Its super lightweight and made of a mesh material that’s breathable so you and baby don’t sweat all day long. 


This, hands down(haha! see what I did there?!) is the best part of babywearing. Instead of baby getting upset that you put them down and wailing, you can strap them on and get those house chores taken care of. This is also a great and different opportunity to play and bond with your baby instead of laying on the floor or bed with them.

benefits of babywearingPIN IT!


Everyone knows that babies naturally bond with the mother first, I mean what can you expect when we carried them for 9+months? Since Dad’s are physically unable to bond with baby the same way until they are born, babywearing is a great way for them to play catch up. Baby needs to learn his smells, movements, and body language just like he did with Mom. 


Don’t be fooled by the name, babywearing isn’t only for infants as toddlers can benefit from being carried as well. Little E has always been small so I was able to carry him up until 3 years old before my body called it quits. That might sound crazy but most slings and carriers are designed to hold up to 35 to 40 pounds.

When looking into all of the endless options you have as a new parent, don’t forget to consider all of the awesome benefits that come along with babywearing and how they can make you and baby’s lives easier. 

  • Alli

    Those baby carriers have come a long way since my children were babies. I like the front carriers the best so you can always keep an eye on your little blessing.

  • Lisa

    I had no idea of all the benefits. I just did it because when dealing with a baby who always wanted to be held and still chasing around a toddler I needed another set of hands. Baby wearing kind of gives you an extra set of hands.

  • Jamie Nicole

    I definitely like the benefits for dads. It is so important to keep dads upfront and center in bonding with baby as the benefits for dad and the baby are so numerous. This is such a great idea.

  • Liz Mays

    It’s just so fun to have the baby so close like that. These are some really cool benefits.

  • Megan Elford

    I loved wearing my babies, although I always had them on my back, not my front. I’ve been able to talk a few of my friends into doing the same too!

  • Michele D says

    I had a few of those baby carriers and they were wonderful! Glad to see they are still popular!