The Best Home Gym Equipment to Buy For Newbies

Home Gym Equipment to BuyPIN IT!We have gone back and forth between having a gym membership and not. The last couple of months we made the decision to cut ties with our gym and turn our garage into a mini home gym. After doing some research I found many affordable items to utilize in place of big, bulky, and expensive gym equipment. Here is the best home gym equipment to buy to keep your fitness flowing.


Kettlebells are affordable depending on the weight you need and more versatile than dumbells. There are multiple kettlebell specific workouts that target many different muscle groups. Not to mention many dumbbell exercises can be swapped out with a kettlebell to achieve similar results.

TRX or Military Straps

TRX was actually invented by a former Navy Seal and were originally modified military straps. If you have never worked with TRX straps then you are in for a serious workout. Using these straps you utilize your full body weight into your workout. Depending on which type of straps you purchase, they can range from simple and cheap to more complex but still affordable.

Resistance Bands & Straps

Resistance bands and straps are super affordable and can be used in place of dumbbells at a fraction of the cost. Want to work those outer thighs? Slide on a resistance band, bend your knees and take squatted steps around the house. I promise you will feel the burn!

Fitness Balls

Contrary to what you may think, these fitness balls are not just for chest bounces. Fitness balls can do wonders for your core! You can do sit-ups, crunches, ball lifts, push ups, etc. that will target your core more than ever.

Yoga Mats & Towels

Yoga mats can be used for more than just yoga. If you are working out at home and you have no carpet in your house, you’re going to want a little cushion under you so you don’t bruise all over. If you do have carpet, grab a yoga towel to keep your hands and feet firm. I hate being sweaty and slipping all over the place.

yoga mat towelOn a side note, I own a yoga mat towel from Clever Yoga which I am in love with! Its super absorbent and came with a free hand towel. I have a couple other Clever Yoga Products as well and they have been an awesome company to work with. If you follow me on Instgram, you will see me using many of these yoga products. Feel free to grab one of their yoga mat towels or other products here.

Muscle Rollers

When all is said and done and you’ve beat your body to the ground, you will want a muscle roller. There is nothing worse than waking up the next morning and the day after, barely being able to move. Foam roll your muscles for a quicker recovery after a good work out.

For anyone who isn’t a newbie to fitness, what is your favorite home gym equipment to recommend?

  • Joanne T Ferguson

    I think the first thing people need to do is get the concept that they have to go out and buy everything to start off exercising! A basic dumbbell set worked for me!

  • Michele

    I am not really a newbie to exercise–I just don’t do it anymore! That military strap looks like it might work for me a well as one or two resistance bands.

  • Jacob Fu

    Thanks for sharing! I just bought some bands on Amazon for P90X. Hopefully they work out. The Yoga towel looks great too.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    These are great tips! I’m thinking of getting dumbbells and resistance bands. I workout at home when I can’t get out to walk and I do it without using any equipment.

  • nazma

    This seems to be really great.amazing equipment.thanx for sharing

  • Liz Mays

    I have a few things for working out at home but I’d like to have some better weights. I wouldn’t mind giving kettlebells a shot.

  • Jeannette

    I can’t find time to get to the gym very often and have found myself just abandoning my workout routines! These are such great suggestions that I can do from home!

  • sharon phillips

    Thanks for sharing. Had never seen that before. I don’t exercise a whole lot but would be nice to have that.

  • Franc Ramon

    I think it’s better to invest a multi functional gym equipments. It can save you a lot of gym membership fees too plus it’s more convenient.

  • CourtneyLynne

    I just got a fitness ball and I’m not sure if it’s because it brand new still but I just love the thing.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    My sister actually took a kettlebell class and totally love using the kettlebell. Muscle roller is something I totally am going to look into getting for sure. Resistant bands are what I have been using most for my shoulders and arms. I got them for therapy after my surgeries. Thanks for the great advice.

  • Miranda (Myrabev)

    The only thing I have is a yoga mat and was sent the resistant bands which I am yet to use but this is a good list.

  • Cai

    I really need to workout! I’ve been wanting to try those kettleballs but they’d take up space on my small place. I’d probably go for the resistance bands.

  • HilLesha

    It has been ages since I have used my kettlebell, but I do own other exercise equipment like stability balls, dumbbells,, and a yoga mat. I’ll have to check out the other aforementioned ideas, though.

  • Stephanie

    Exercise equipment is so expensive. I do have the ball but I use it as an office chair. It’s so important to keep your body moving when you sit at a desk all day!

  • Krystal

    A yoga mat is crucial! I also love using kettle balls. It’s a great work out!!

  • Rosey

    It is important to have the right gym equipment. The right tools make everything easier. 🙂

  • Ron

    Thanks for this. Now I know what to buy soon! Thank you!

  • XmasDolly

    I use to enjoy exercising, but I did things like calisthenics, trampoline, bicycling, but now I have Spinal Stenosis and Severe Bursitis in my hips, and I sure do miss it. These days all I get to do is pool therapy and that’s when I get a chance to get to the health club. I’m not allowed to drive to far anymore either because of cramps in my legs. 🙁 So enjoy and do a few for me too.