The Cloud Yoga Mat Review

cloud yoga matAs most you know, I have taken on a strong love for yoga and have been trying out different mats left and right for companies. However, when I heard about a memory foam mat, I was more than intrigued to try it out.

I have “pansy” body parts as I like to call them and when I’m on my knees for certain yoga poses, it hurts. They can’t handle the pressure and I can’t hold a pose for long due to the pain. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember so the thought of being able to use a memory foam mat for yoga sounded great.

When I received the Peak Fulfillment mat, it was much bigger than I expected and longer than my other mats. It was also heavier than I expected, not heavy but heavier and came with a handy mat strap for it.

So what did I love about the mat?

– its memory foam and its awesome!

– its eco friendly – 100% recyclable, certified to be free from harmful chemicals

– its 8mm thick

– the mat strap is easy to use

What did I not like?

The only con I had about this mat is that I live in Arizona and it only takes a few seconds for my hands to get sweaty. Sweaty hands on a yoga mat just doesn’t work out well. I kept slipping within seconds hold certain poses so I had to add my yoga mat towel or travel yoga mat on top of it to hold firm.

Overall I highly recommend this mat and have been taking it everywhere with me. Even though I slip around from the heat, all I need is my yoga mat towel and I’m good to go. My knees are even more thankful for the cloud yoga mat with its memory foam goodness.





  • Jessie Bohner

    Hi Jeska! It was so great meeting you at BlogFest and I know I am super late on connecting, but I love your site and a memory foam mat! Whaaa!? Sounds so comfortable! 🙂