The Fun Foam Run 5k

I have been wanting to do a foam run for a little while now but as usual I’m always already scheduled for another run once I find out about it. Well this time there was a groupon which I missed buying but then later received an email for $20 registration so I jumped right on it. When I was registering I saw that I had to purchase registration for my son(4) to run as well. Annoying but whatever, at least he will get a t-shirt.

The morning came for the run so we put in the address and drove down to the location. When we arrived we saw that there was an expo going on as well. When we got out of the car and started wandering around, there was no signs at all telling us where to go. I ended up asking 3 different vendors who weren’t associated if they knew where we could go.

Finally we find the finish line for the run so I walk over and ask a volunteer where to go to pick up our bibs and start the run. He then directs us way across a walkway pass all of these sports centers. We were getting more annoyed but sucked it up and headed over to the starting line by following groups of bibbed runners over.

We get to the starting line to find out that there is no where to pick up bibs, our shirts, nothing. It was our time for our “wave” so we decided to just run without them. The Orange Theory girl gets props for trying to get people motivated but the starting line was honestly just lame and unexciting. We head off down the course which is another fairly easy path and go through a couple of foam stations. Once we started heading back towards the finish line is where things got all confusing. The course started disappearing and we were directed by volunteers to follow the orange flags. Well…we did that then there was a huge space where there weren’t any flags so people just started walking across the field to the finish line since no one had a clue where to go.

At the end, we collected a water, fruit, sunglasses and decided to wander around even more to find out where we could get our bibs and shirts. After searching for a while we finally found the tents for pick up which had absolutely no signing on the sides that faced the race. We got our bibs and then we were told that they didn’t have any more shirts for my son. I’m sorry, this may sound EXTREMELY petty but this whole run was extremely unorganized and we decided to look pass it and just get our shirts at the end to discover that it wasn’t going to happen just really pissed me off. Though my registration fee was only $20, I had to pay $20 for my son to run as well and he was excited about receiving a shirt.

Overall, this run had great foam, decent volunteers cheering but TERRIBLE organization. I would not recommend this run for anyone unless you don’t know any better as to how a run should flow. Also, there are no photos of us because we were not happy, obviously didn’t have bibs, and the photographers apparently missed us completely every time.